Tuesday, 10 September 2013

The crossing at Gateway Bridge

"Sir, they come!" called Rathin's lieutenant.
"Right men, this is our last chance! We have to move south of the river and prevent Mainz and Aerun combining their forces!" Although Rathin said this with purpose, his men grunted and assembled their gear twice as slow as normal.
"Sir we have a problem!"
"What now!"
"A major part of the bridge has fell off, we may be unable to cross it."
"I'll tell you the problem, we aren't moving across it right now!"
Rathin resolved to sent portions of his men across at a time, so it wouldn't fall to pieces.
Definitely not a good day for a battle with the broken bridge and lazy men. Mainz happened to habit choosing days such as these...

Lieutenant Mainz Vs Lieutenant Rathin (The raging river)


Rathin's men cautiously moving across the bridge well aware of it's
The Haradrim spreading out to increase the chances of getting through
Rathin surrounded, two men move right blocking the flanking manoeuver
Rathin pushes the men back slicing the ranger's shoulder, -2 might
The guard fights well, only to be cheated by fate
The Haradrim manage to get two men through the line,
but are attacked elsewhere
Mainz' prowess allowing a strike to the lieutenant's stomach
The Haradrim closely evading the Gondorian's attempts
The ranger's arrow finds the southerner's eye
Mainz' heroic move allows the Haradrim to be caught
Asten finding his mark
Mainz wounds the corporal, who has fate with him
Surrounding hither and thither
The citadel guard dealing the final blow
Making it impossible for the Haradrim to win, so they concede. 
Giving the Gondorians a major victory and 400R

In the Haradrim camp the four sing a song for their friend lying prone on the battlefield. He was going to be promoted. All the others make a full recover.

In the Gondorian camp, Mainz  gains +1 strength, Asten gains +1 defense and CG 8 gains +1fight.

Mainz stood proud as he watched the four Haradrim flee the field. This victory was too easy, he had little credit to prove he was a worthy general. Mainz' train of thought was cut by Asten.

"Sir this one is dead!" He called.
"Good shooting you two! Now to matters of greater importance." His men stood befuddled.
"Fix the bridge!" He had seen how the Haradrim moved slowly across it, and the large chunk of stone lying in the river.
"Sir wouldn't it be better to dissemble the bridge?"
"And reduce the trade between Minas Morgul and here? I think not."
"Yet the Haradrim would have to retreat of the mountains, or take the long perilous road north to the black gate in order to support our enemies?" Asten was right, however orders were orders. 
He could reason fixing the bridge easily with the steward, but destroying it would put him his bad books for a while, not something a general wanted, at least if he wanted to remain general.

Until then


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