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Battle for north Ithilien

Keresk galloped between his troops, inspiring where he could. If Luthyre gained a victory here, they was no return. 
As many battles had taught the Mordorians, once the Gondorians gained a settlement, It could only be taken by luck. If Luthyre gained North Ithilien, it would be much harder to take it than to keep it themselves.
"Keresk!" Called Dareos, still not referring him to his rank. Clearly angry he was Lieutenant. "Luthyre approaches."
"Corporal, take up position at the wall, and get the other maggot rider!"
"Sir." Dareos said belligerently.
"Orcs and Men!" Cried Keresk. "The Gondorians have seen fit to attack us!"
"With few numbers!"Called out Flaneen, which got a laugh.
"His stupidity must be rewarded with death! So bring me his head!" Shouted Keresk.

Lieutenant Luthyre Vs Lieutenant Keresk 


Dareos unleashes an arrow that pierces deep into the ranger's shoulder
But not before he fires his own, meeting a peasant in the stomach
Luthyre almost successfully flanks the orcs, Pasor leads the charge 
against the wall, to be counter charged by the peasants
The bowman on target
Luthyre leads his horse over the barrier wielding his sword to
behead one orc and cleaving Keresk's arm, whose warg flees at this
Yaion gains a foothold on the other side of the wall
The fighting intensifies
Yaion, the bowman and a citadel guard fall to the evil warriors
Things looking bad for the good guys
Pasor proving his rank
Luthyre gets another
Pasor tries to evade the evil-beings
And narrowly avoids a wound, Luthyre stabs the unskilled Dareos
The orc tumbles over the wall to his own ill-fate
The remaining forces growing weaker
Luthyre getting another
The remaining evil warriors flee, as Luthyre calls his Rally to me!
Giving the Gondorians a minor victory and 400R! (200R for minor victory+200R for taking settlement)
Keresk retreats south-west.

In north Ithilien everyone except Luthyre, Pasor and R4 will miss the next turn due to their injuries. R4 gains and old battle wound and Yaion losses his arm. one of the peasants will miss the next turn.
Luthyre does well and gains +1courage, also him and Pasor gain +1fight, R4 gains +1strength. the wounded archer is also promoted.

In the Mordorian camp Keresk, Dareos, and two Haradrim warriors will miss the next turn. Keresk also losses and arm. The be-headed warg rider was left at the settlement.

Luthyre and Pasor rose there drinks in honour of their men, most of whom lay groaning on the floor still recovering from their wounds. 

They had achieved a great victory at great cost, North Ithilien was now only defended by six men, yet Keresk wouldn't return while Luthyre remained there.
"Pasor!" Called Luthyre, "what news from the realm?"
"Both battles north of here were victories"
"Nethar defeated Anersk?"
"Clearly, the steward has given him a special honour. Maybe he'll save one for you too?" Pasor said jokingly
"The tide has turned, no orc is safe in the north any more" smiled Luthyre.
"Hold that speech, the rogue captain has sided with the orcs in the south."
"Minas Tirith is at risk! Dengond and Haldran must return to it's walls!"
"I also have news concerning those battles too" Pasor claimed weakly, Luthyre's face turned pale.

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