Sunday, 15 September 2013

Gondor in Flames turn 14 end

Six more battles have been concluded this turn
Mainz gained yet another victory over Rathin
The goblin captain achieved his third victory and secured the services of the rogue captain.
Corgoth and Anersk were defeated in the twin battles of Cair Andros
Luthyre gained a victory over Keresk and north Ithilien.
Haldran also gained victory over rogues where Dengond failed to.

The orcs of the north are broken and divided, and must  retreat the black gate to keep the Gondorians from Mordor itself.
Luthyre remains weak to attack, Nethar is strong along with the riders of Rohan. But they have to deal with Anersk before turning on the Black gate.
Rathin has retreated from Gateway bridge eastwards, a final blow is imminent although it maybe possible to couple an attack with Morge on Aerun.
Dengond, defeated by a large rogue warband, resides in Osgiliath preparing for a siege.
The orcs and men in the south are stronger than ever, three companies against a broken dwarf company, an untrained Gondor company and a numberless Rohirrim company.

Good Evil
Capital 300 500
Settlements 1300 500
Battles 1400 400
Other -10 20
Supplies -137 -94
Expenses -300 -100
Total 2553 1226

Making the totals 10,173R and 2700R

Gondor clearly have more resources, yet the Mordorians have better positions around the Anduin making the moves the Gondorians mostly ill-effective.

Unknown to Dengond, the amulet rests in the hands of the warg captain, preparing an attack on Osgiliath with his rogues.

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