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Gondor in flames turn 14 other battles

Haldran and Ferior, his second corporal, spoke in hushed words at the front of the troop. They knew of a rogue company in the area, but not of it's participants, and they hoped it wasn't wargs. The last time they encountered wargs here turned out bad for the first corporal's pocket, Tangold, who was now guarding the back of the troop, as ordered by Haldran as punishment for the lost battle. 
He now trotted to the front, Haldran didn't stop talking, then Tangold interrupted.
"Sir. at this rate we shall encounter the rogues while we are in the wood ahead."
"Corporal, would you have me overstretch the men so we fight exhausted?" Haldran responded.
"No, but I would rather have the privilege of not being ambushed, and the men uncoordinated." 
"Fine corporal." Haldran noted angrily. " But this is your call!" He added glaringly. 

Lieutenant Haldran Vs rogue Mordor (The chance encounter)


This rider's horse stumbles over the wall,
yet he manages to rise from the dust
The riders charge into the fray
Haldran the guard get kills, Tangold gets wounded though
The guard throws his spear well, the foot-ed rider reaching the main melee
Haldran, Tangold and the guard getting more kills
Giving the Rohirrim a major victory and 400R!

Back at the camp-site the rider recovers his horse yet remains un-promoted due to his clumsiness. Haldran gains +1 courage, his Corporals Tangold and Ferior gain +1 wounds, and the royal guard gains +1 strength.

The Knight cantered through the shrubbery beside the road from Minas Tirith to Osgiliath. All was 
quiet now, yet a mile or so ahead a large company approached. Orcs, with their captain on a warg and even a banner bearer. 
Dengond must know of this, if they continued they would attack Osgiliath. The knight galloped back into the shrubbery where he moved across the field, and within shooting range of the rangers. Dengond jogged up to the knight.
"What news?"
"A large company of orcs. Around twenty, they have a banner and their leader is mounted."
"Luthyre had a group of rogues with a banner not the other side of the Anduin." Exclaimed Gerthil.
"The rogues are growing stronger in number and bravery, we must warn the steward" said Dengond.
"What of the rogues here? They will surely attack Osgiliath!" Warned Gerthil. Dengond didn't respond, but wrote a letter, sealed it and handed it to the knight.
"Send this to a paid messenger, and from him to Minas Tirith." Dengond said. And the knight cantered away. "We attack in tomorrow!" he called.
"Won't the messenger read it?" Asked Huos.
"I'm counting on it." mumbled Dengond...

Lieutenant Dengond Vs rogue Mordor (Hold the line)


The orcs split, making the Gondorian's objective harder
The warg captain closing in on the knights
The captain charges

Gerthil aims well, the orc archer, hits one of his fellow minion in the back
The captain close to support from his orcs
Dengond and guard attack the orcs but two break through
Caorn knocked into the dirt by the captain
Dengond cutting down the banner, two guards take wounds
Another orc escaping
the knight charges bravely, Gerthil and Huos back off to take more shots
One finds the captain's warg
Dengond and the guard fighting well
Dengond then chases after the running orcs
Gerthil and Huos are caught, while the orcs break the line
Both rangers wound the captain who also gets lucky with his fate roll
The rangers are swarmed
Dengond and his guard attacking
Six orcs break the line
Huos wounded, and saved by fate
More attacking
The rangers are surrounded
One more orc breaks the line, so the game ends this turn
Gerthil and Huos take multiple wounds
And Dengond provides little consolidation
Giving the the rogues a major victory.
Dengond retreats to Osgiliath.

In the Gondorian camp everyone recovers except Gerthil who will miss the next turn, yet Huos gains an old battle wound
Dengond gains +1 attacks, Gerthil gains +1 courage, Huos also gains +1 will and CG 1 gains a might point.

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