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Second battle for the Captain's hill

"The Dwarf Lieutenant Oira marches from the opposite flank."  Tangold spoke to Haldran, who had regained his respect recently. "Our scouts report four supply cases in the four corners. However they estimated the fifth case at the top of the hill would be twice as large."
"And Io comes from the south later than we planned. The rogue captain will easily sway the odds against, we must take the hill before the battle is joined and we fight uphill." Haldran continued. 
He then gathered his men at the plain before the hill, the past two battles had been a preparation for this ultimatum.
"So we have marched to the fangs of our enemies." He said to his men. " And note this, any man who stands his ground foregoing all dangers is in my up-most respect. Fight here, not only for our lands, or our wives, or even your freedom. But fight so none shall have to anymore! And their scum shall be wiped off the face of Middle-Earth!" Which raised a cheer amongst his men. 

Lieutenants Haldran, Oira and Io Vs Lieutenant Vashner, Goblin and rogue captain (Control)

The game ends when three companies have been reduced below or equal to 50%, which ever side has more supply cases wins, if neither side has greater then the game continues until one side has more. The case on the hilltop is worth twice of the each of the others. 


The rogues reach an objective marker, Haldran's forces hold ground
Vashner's forces descend to meet Oira's dwarves (and men)
Poor goblin archery, as usual
The riders charge into the goblin line
And the sides collide over here
The royal guard cleaves the captain's body leaving him barely
conscious on the ground, a rider of Rohan is wounded too
Oira smashes on orc in the face his corporal manages the same,
but the orc's shield prevent any fatal blows
Haldran casts his spear, kebab-ing the captain into the ground
Tangold is un-horsed much to his distaste
Failed orc archery
Haldran squishes another goblin, the guard survives a Gondor attack
Vashner takes a wound, and the Khazad guard takes an orc
The riders getting stuck in
A dwarf mounts the hill while the others tidy-up
The rogue captain slashes Haldran, the guard takes another Gondorian
Ferior gets a kill and Tangold resists the troll
On Rohan warrior down, the dwarf corporal takes a stab to the face
and the orc corporal succumbs to the dwarf axes
The dwarves surrounding
Ferior charges into the goblins onto of the hill
Tangold and the guard retreat
The guard using his throwing spear
Tangold taking his second to last wound
Ferior manages to slice another two
Breaking the goblin force
The Khazad guard and Oira get one each
Vashner force is now broken
The troll and co. charge Tangold and the guard
oblivious to two friendly companies being broken
Two goblins however take to the winds
The Khazad guard and Questor get one apiece
Ferior surviving the 'onslaught'
the rogue captain takes a wound, Tangold takes his last
Haldran's force is now broken
Io arrives, and has one of his men go for the south-western objective
Good control the hill (2) and evil control two markers (2)
so the game continues
The goblin and orc flee the hilltop
Io's warband approach the smaller hill
The guard is surrounded, northwards Vashner is
attacked by Oira and two others
The guard finished
Oira controls the house objective, the hill
against the rogues smaller hill so 3-1
Giving the Gondorians a Major victory 5-2 (+1 point for each enemy company broken) and 400R!
Vashner retreats south-east.

At the hill's summit, Oira buries the dwarf corporal and a Rohan warrior who were killed in the fighting.

Haldran and Hethion will miss the next turn. Tangold managed to find a treasure chest on the hill so gains +40R.
Haldran and Questor gain +1 fight, Ferior and Oira gain +1 courage, Hethion and KG 2 gain +1 attacks, Oira gains +1 might, KG 1 gains +1 defence. The other Rohan warrior and ROR 2 are promoted to ROR 3 and RRG 2.
The rogue captain agreed to join the same cause however the injured spearman didn't recover from his wounds.

In Vashner's camp Cpl E and  MO 7 gain old battle wounds, W 24, Cpl F, MO 6, newly promoted MO 8 will all miss the next turn. W 34 and MO 5 both make full recoveries.
A spear orc was promoted and gains +1 fate (MO 8).

The goblin captain was killed on the field, the other goblins and troll disbanded into the wild.

In sight of Io arriving the troll fled along with Vashner. The rogue captain stood his ground, as Oira's company took to the hilltop, Io joined them with the rogues and the injured riders.
"Tell me rogue, why have you not fled with the scum of your worth?" Oira questioned.
"I stand so that we may join forces in light of this victory, my men and I are at your service brave dwarf," and he knelled before him along with his men.
"Stand you scum, you betrayed my force here two weeks ago, and I would not allow such a thing to occur again!" Oira barked, and the captain was aggrieved. "But such decisions are beyond me, I am not in command here. Your pleas should be towards Haldran." Oira pointed to a tent east of the hill.

As they entered the tent, a reek of dying flesh punched them in the noses, and two buckled over to vomit.
"So, Oira obeys the chain of command." Stated the man at the rear, sitting on a bed wounded but not fatally. It was Haldran.
"Lieutenant, we come to join your forces in this victory." Haldran pondered upon this.
"I cannot make such a decision either. Take your case before the steward and he will grant you your wish." And the rogues left annoyed they would have to travel to Minas Tirith.
Oira then entered the tent, but could stand the smell.
"You gave them leave? Our victory was ultimate, the goblins are disbanded, the rogues subdued, and Vashner is too weak to attack us!"
"Did I?" Haldran asked,and Oira thought for a second.
"I envy your brilliance" chuckled Oira. The steward would refuse their plea, they had attacked in the name of Mordor, death was their punishment. "I'll send my best archers to the north road."

Vashner looked westward at the hill, no sign of the rogues following, they had probably joined forces with the dwarves and riders. 
For once they held all the cards, and now they held only one.
He was cut off from Mordor and the yearly Lieutenants meeting, so at least the Dark lord couldn't inflict his wrath on his defeat just yet. But he would be reduced in military strength slowly if he remained cut off without a settlement.
"What direction are we taking?" Spluttered his second corporal on his injury bed. Vashner then thought of something unbelievable and brilliant. 
"Move Scum! East we go!" It was time to earn his recognition, and maybe even a promotion in the goblin captain's absence...

Until then


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