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Battle for the heroes plain

Warning this post contains around forty photos

Morge and his company exited the bottom of the pass from Cirth Ungol. He had many orcs and men about him, almost twenty. The Dark lord had disapproved of so much under one commander, yet Aerun had but a handful to contend with.
"General." came from the back of the troop. It was the scout.
"Give your news quickly scum!"
"Dengond is close behind Aerun's filth."
"More men to kill! Prepare your bowls boys, our enemies shall soon fill it!" The General jeered . "Let them come, the handfuls and hordes, the brave and cowardly, the weak and strong, the cunning and stupid. They all suffer the same fate!"

Lieutenants Aerun and Dengond Vs General Morge (A chance encounter)


Aerun holds ground allowing his ranger to fire more shots before combat
The Harad raider finds Aerun's only ranged member
Aerun and co pound on Morge, trying to remove his banner special rule
Bereov and the warrior, knock the General unconscious
Morge's forces then surround the Gondorians
Aerun gets one, to the warrior CG 3, and Theorn by Morge's minions
Aerun urges his men into the orcs before they're ensnared
Bereov and the corporal fall to the orc blades.
Aerun and one-arm II stand just in time to see Dengond arrive
Gerthil and Huos level their bows
Gerthil's arrow finds it's mark
Aerun is head-butted to the ground, One-arm has his arm cloven from him.
The knight charges into the raider
Then retreats to safety
Gerthil's arrows finding another enemy
Dengond's forces fully backed-up
Huos hits Eathrug in the shoulder
The sides collide again
The knight tumbles from his horse, Caorn downs the morannon orc
and Gerthil takes a wound(saved by fate)
More fighting
Huos and Dengond take wounds, but both remain standing
Gerthil take his first wound, and another orc is downed
The orc corporal parries Gerthil's blade aside and stabs him in the chest
Caorn has his shield smashed in his face, and Dengond cleaves an orc
With Morge's forces broken his corporals fail to rally some of the remaining
supporters, this reduces them below 25%, game ends this turn.
Dengond finishes off the encounter wounding the orc
Giving the Gondorians a minor victory and 200R!
Morge retreats back to Cirth Ungol.

In the Gondorian camp Gerthil and One-arm II are buried.  Aerun, Theorn, CG 3, R3 and the knight will miss the next turn. Caorn manages to scavenge 10R of the battlefield.

Theorn is renamed Theorn, one-arm III. Taking the place of his predecessor, him and Vesion(CG 1) are promoted gaining +1 fate.
Aerun, R3 and Bereov gain +1 courage. Cpl F and CG 6 gain +1 fight. W13 goes unpromoted and gains +1strength. CG 5 gains +1 wounds.

In Cirth Ungol everyone recovers from their injuries except Morge and MO 1 who will miss the next turn. Two of the warriors manage to steal food and gain +20R.

Five of the warriors are promoted and one gains +1 fate.
Cpl D gains +1 defence. Thiluan gains +1 courage. 

Dengond lead the burial service in Aerun's absence. Gerthil and One arm II had fought well over the past months, it was shameful they could claim no orcs or men in return.

Dengond vowed revenge upon this day.
"We must attack soon or at least retreat to Minas Morgul."
"There is no time Dengond! My company is broken for now, Morge is too strong even after this victory, we have only gained a position." Dengond wasn't satisfied, although he was the commander here, he valued Aerun's advice too greatly to disapprove it. "I move for Minas Morgul to heal my men, after then I can assist you with Morge."
"And what of the north, if Luthyre calls? Him and Nethar are on shaky ground." 
"Dengond go south, an old friend needs you, more than you know." He was holding the letter from Mainz' inevitable victory over Rathin... 

Until then


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