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Battle for the captain's hill

Oira urged his fellows onwards, the hill was in sight, and with it the Rogue captain. News had it that his company turned up in the Goblin's camp. Oira knew that if the Rogue captain gave any service to the goblins, it would end badly for the gondorians.
"Sir!" Called Questor from vanguard of the troop."What should we expect of the captain?"
Which wasn't exactly the question he had asked, Oira had sold the captain an amulet, which had some magically power.
"The amulet grants him, greater strength than any man should have." Oira spoke gravely "also he will be too skilled to face alone in combat, I fear that if he sides with the goblins, the fiefs will be at risk." Then Oira stopped. They had reached the hill. 
The Rogue captain and his company stood on top. Oira ushered his troops to the summit....

The rogues are placed on the hill top, control of the company goes on a 2D6:
  • 2-5    The Goblins
  • 6-8    Neutral (Will only attack engaged friendly models)
  • 9-12  Oira's company
If the goblins have priority, this roll is given on a -2, and if Oira has priority it is given on a +2.

This is a 'Take the high ground' scenario. whoever has more models on the hilltop after turn ten wins.

Note: Vashner arrives on the eighth turn on a 1 or 2 (from D6).

The amulet offers the rogue captain +1strength and fight value

Lieutenant Oira Vs The goblin horde + Lieutenant Vashner (Take the captain's hill)


The rogues try and block the goblin's passage to the hill
Yet are neutral in this turn, so are unable to stop them
Oira's company approach the hill, to be met by the goblins
The archers exchange kill for kill
The goblins swarm over the hillside
Questor falls to the captain and a goblin is also downed
The goblins gain the upper hand
the rogues still fight for neither side
The troll and the captain gets one each
The troll tumbles off the hill, and the rogue captain decides
 to fight for the goblins, for this turn at least.
The Khazad archer succumbs to the pointy swords,
meanwhile the captain is smashed in the chest and narrowly
avoids a beheading
The rogues and goblins moving well together
The captain reducing the Gondorians
The rogues go neutral, and the remaining dwarves
are surrounded, Vashner's forces fail to arrive.
Only one dwarf survives
The rogues angered at the massacre go 'ape' on
the goblins. Vashner still doesn't turn up.  
Despite this, three rogues fall to the goblin's 'hands'
The rogues en-raged by the attack on their own, attack
the goblins again. Vashner doesn't arrive (again).
The troll scores another. As turn ten is reached, the
Gondorians have clearly lost this battle, even if the
rogues support him, so the remaining corporal
concedes this one.
Giving the Goblins a major victory, the rogue captain's services and 400R!
Oira retreats south-west. Vashner arrives at the goblin camp

In the Gondorian camp five casualties recover to full fitness, but Oira, Cpl I and two other will miss the next turn.
The uninjured corporal gains the Natural Resilience special rule, allowing a re-roll on the injury table. The remaining bow-dwarf is promoted to a Khazad-archer, and the injured dwarf warrior to a Khazad guard gaining +1fate.

In the Goblin camp, the archer recovers but the spear-goblin was found dead. In the Captain's company, three recover yet the squished man doesn't recover.

The two captains stood beside the fireplace. The rogue was unhappy, since he had sided with the Gondorians towards the end of the battle, he was disappointed that his decision had to be converted. 
Two orcs walked towards the fireplace, one much bigger than most orcs, the other was one of their scouts.
Vashner had arrived.
"So we have the captain!" bellowed Vashner."The dark lord sends his regards gobbo!" Neither captain laughed.
"Interesting that you brought him up." Said the rogue, to which all orcs turned to face him. No orc or soldier under the dark lord spoke of him like that. "Tell him he can't have it."
"Your not in a position to make your own demands man-filth!" Cried the goblin. 
At this point all swords had been drawn, they attacked the rogue, who quickly succumbed to the sheer number of blades and was wrestled to the ground. 
They stripped him, but found no evidence of the amulet.
"The cur must have swallowed it!" whimpered the goblin. The rogue rolled his eyes.
"No it's too big to fit down his throat!" Vashner actually looked sad.
"I don't have it! How many times must a man say"
"Where is it then!" Shouted the orc. The rogue couldn't face the foul breathed orc.
"A week before you arrived, we were ambushed by a large company of orcs, they mistook it for a lucky charm." 
"And where are these orcs now?"
"North, probably around Osgiliath." This was bad news, the amulet could easily fall into Gondorians hands, maybe it already had...

Until then


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