Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Gondor in Flames turn 15, the final turn?

Well I hoped this game could go on for five more turns. But due to personal matters, thank you uni :) , I will be unable to continue playing this after I have left home.
At least until Christmas, I hope to rejoin you again then with something different, and less one sided!

Onto the final turn. The 14th turn left Mainz victorious again
Dengond suffered his second defeat ever against a large rogue warband
Luthyre snatching north Ithilien off Keresk
The goblins claiming the services of the rogue captain and defeating Oira
Nethar pushing Anersk from the walls of Cair andros
Corgoth being defeated by the riders of Rohan
And Haldran crushing the rogue orcs at East Lossarnach

The Gondorians claim priority and gather 1300R compared to Mordorians 1000R

The steward purchases the services of ten peasants, two for Minas Tirith, two for Osgiliath,
two for north Ithilien, two for Pelargir, and two for north Druadan.

General Morge orders eight recruits, returning are three serpent guard (Eiluan, Thiluan, Nurion) an orc tracker (Chragsk) and a Haradrim raider.

The large rogue company outside Osgiliath disbands into the wilderness.
Lieutenant Io marches his company into the mass of evil units at captain's hill, Haldran and Oira join the attack.
Dengond marches across the crossroads to assist Aerun, who is attacked by Morge.
The Riders of Rohan march to north Ithilien but encounter a rogue warband.
Luthyre marches his troop around the riders and to Cair Andros, which is attacked by Corgoth, Keresk and Anersk.
Mainz attacks Rathin hopefully for one of the last times.
Lieutenant Jurasin manages a single hex towards Cirth Ungol.

Giving three major battles, a minor battle which could finish off Rathin? And one against rogues.
Nethar faces a hard challenge holding three companies to allow Luthyre to arrive.
Haldran leads the charge against the Goblins, Vashner and the rogue captain, which'll either defeat any resistance the Mordorians had west of the Anduin, or will push the Gondorians back to their settlements.
Aerun is the east faces a reinforced Morge, with Dengond arriving only in the last hour.

And as a one turn special, any injured models may be fielded in a battle, however if the are injured in that battle they are considered as dead on the injury table.

Until then


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