Saturday, 3 November 2012

Roman game night

A change from previous weeks, a battle report :)

As you might know, in June I finished painting my Praetorian guardsmen(+Centurion), anyway I developed some rules, point values and profiles for them and the enemy they will be facing. It's a mixture of War of the ring, SBG and probably another wargame.

Romans (160pts)
2x Praetorian Guardsmen (4 guardsmen per unit) (55pts)

Barbarian Kingdoms (170pts)

3x Warriors (5 warriors per unit, represented by orc warriors) (40pts)

The board:


Turn 1 - Romans

Turn 2 - Barbarians
The centurion forces his unit to force in the barbarian warriors, expending a preservation point in doing so.

The Praetorians strike first,(they rolled a 6(+2), compared to the warrior's 3) felling two barbarians in front. Who respond by killing a Praetorian, quite an achievement given they had three dice and needed two sixes.

Turn 3 - Romans
Again the centurion wastes no time and orders his guard to attack. However the Barbarian chieftain is quicker. (-1 force point Chieftain and Centurion).

The guard win both roll-off's thanks to their high fight value.

And their charge bonus is not wasted, letting them butcher another 6 warriors, to none in turn.

Turn 4 - Barbarians
Now broken the chieftain call for bravery amongst his kinsmen. Unfortunately one unit fails his bravery test and flees. He then charges at the Romans.

Turn 5 - Barbarians
The chieftain and his men, passing their bravery tests, engage one guard ignoring the second unit. Which swings around and supports the first.

Although they strike first, the warriors are unable to inflict any casualties. The guards on the other hand manage to kill the remaining warriors leaving the chieftain on his own.

Turn 6 - Barbarians
The chieftain successfully manages to pass his initial bravery test, but freezes under pressure unable to bring himself to charge into the guards.

Despite charging the chieftain is unharmed, he avenges his comrades by killing the centurion, who fails his final preservation roll.

Turn 7 - Romans
The guards eagerly charge the enemy hero.

However both sides fail to do any lasting damage.

Turn 8 - Romans
Again the guards attack the chieftain.

The chief attacks first but is unable to pierce or cut anything with his axe. The guards manage to puncture two holes in his gut. He failed both preservation rolls.

Meaning the Romans are victorious over the Barbarians!
Anyway I hope you got some part of that? The rules aren't finished and well, some units may be a little too powerful.

I was going to use the other boards but I think the glue needs another coat, which has been put on and will be ready for next week :) .

Until then


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