Wednesday, 14 November 2012

A spark ignites! Gondor in Flames Turn 1

The seeds of war have been sown, Evil is rising and Good must confront them.

Sauron has a company of orcs at Barad dur, he has also enlisted the aid of the Haradrim who have an orc company south of the Harnen river.

The steward of Gondor, Denethor, raises a company in response and calls upon Prince Imrahil to confront the evil that has stirred, who also dispatches one of his companies to war.

Lieutenant Mainz and Dengond lead the free peoples, While Lieutenant Grash and Morge command the orc hordes

Both sides start with 200R initially. 

Gondor wins priority this turn, and purchase 2 peasants(one for Dol Amroth and Minas Tirith)
Mainz marches towards a village in the north although they only moved two hexes, Dengond faired worst moving one hex. But neither had been beset upon by rebels, for that they were grateful.
Minas Tirith made up for these disappointments generating 500R.

In Mordor Grash sets out for the black gate, managing two hexes. Morge moves to the settlement on the other side of the Harnen he manages one hex. Again neither was attacked by rebels.
Barad-dur and the Haradrim stronghold manage a combined resource generation of 400R, hence both are reinforced with a single warrior.

Good Evil
Capital 500 300
Settlements 0 100
Battles 0 0
Other 200 200
Supplies -16 -24
Expenses -100 -100
Total 584 476

Well that concludes the first turn, hopefully next turn someone will be attacked.

Until then


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