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I worked on the map
granted it's not very good, but hopefully it'll serve it's purpose.

Gondor controls two settlements at the beginning (Minas Tirith, Dol Amroth) and Sauron also controls two (Barad-dur and the stronghold in Harad)

Warrior purchases

At each settlement warriors can only be bought that represent the faction of the settlement
eg. Rohirrim cannot be bought at Minas Tirith, or Haradrim at the Black gate.

Companies available:
  • Dol Amroth company(all good settlements south of (not including) Osgiliath)
  • Minas Tirith company(all good settlements)
  • Riders of Rohan company(Anorien, Druadan and Entwash settlements)
  • Mordor company(all evil settlements)
  • Haradrim company(all evil settlements south of (not including) Cirth Ungol)
  • Easterling company (black gate)
A single battle company can be bought for 1000R, and an initiate roll for 200R,
equipment can be bought for 10R per 1influence point in the normal rules.

Initiate roll:
  • 1 No effect
  • 2 Roll on table 1
  • 3 Roll on table 2
  • 4 Roll on table 3
  • 5 Choose from above
  • 6 Roll on elites table
Table 1
  • 1 No effect
  • 2 Rohan warrior with shield (/Orc with shield)
  • 3 Rohan warrior with bow (/Orc with two-handed weapon or bow)
  • 4 Rohan warrior with throwing spears and shield (/Orc with spear)
  • 5 Choose from above
  • 6 Rider of Rohan (/Warg rider)
Table 2
  • 1 No effect
  • 2 Minas Tirith warrior with shield (/Haradrim with spear)
  • 3 Minas Tirith warrior with bow (/Haradrim with hand weapon)
  • 4 Minas Tirith with spear and shield (/Haradrim with bow)
  • 5 Choose from above
  • 6 Knight of Minas Tirith (/Haradrim raider)
Table 3
  • 1 No effect
  • 2 Clansman of Lamedon (/Orc tracker)
  • 3 Axeman of Lossarnach (/Serpent guardsman)
  • 4 Ranger of Gondor (/Corsair of Umbar)
  • 5 Choose from above
  • 6 Knight of Dol Amroth (/Orc tracker on warg)
Elites table
  • 1 No effect
  • 2 Mtd. Knight of Dol Amroth (/Watcher of Karna)
  • 3 Mtd. Rohan royal guard (/Mordor Uruk-hai)
  • 4 Citadel guard (/Corsair Arbelstar) 
  • 5 Rohan outrider (/Mounted serpent guard)
  • 6 Guard of the fountain court (/Uruk-hai of the black gate)
Players many also purchase peasants at the cost of 50R

However such purchases constitute for a garrison army, they many not leave the settlement they are bought in unless a hero of 50exp or greater leads them, but at least one model must always be present at a friendly settlement in order to gain resources from it. 

Battle companies may leave a settlement without such afflictions but they can take the role of a garrison army if one doesn't exist there.

Peasants may join a battle company but will not gain exp unless specified otherwise. 

Resource generation
Settlements and strongholds generate resources at the following rates from a roll of a D6:
  • 1 = 0R 
  • 2 = 0R
  • 3 = 100R
  • 4 = 100R
  • 5 = 200R
  • 6 = 200R
Capitals (Minas Tirith, Barad-dur) generate like so:
  • 1 = 0R
  • 2 = 100R
  • 3 = 200R
  • 4 = 300R
  • 5 = 400R
  • 6 = 500R
Other methods are by winning a battle, settlement, or stronghold:
  • Win (major) = 400R
  • Win (minor) = 200R
  • Draw = 100R
  • Loss (minor) = 0R
  • Loss (major) = 0R
  • Capture settlement from enemies = 200R
  • Capture stronghold from enemies = 400R
  • Capture enemy capital = 1000R
Structure purchases

Watchtower (500R) - As long as one company is present, your opponent must tell you if they are going to move one or more of their companies within one hex of the watchtower. A watchtower may be captured, and the rules apply to the player with a company garrisoned in it.

Bridge (400R) - Allows free movement across a river.

Upgrade settlement (700R) - Normal settlement become strongholds, so that it has stone walls.

Clear route (5000R) - One hex no longer has any obstructions like mountains,trees,swampland. no scouting roll is required to travel through it. Does not remove settlements, strongholds, capitals or companies placed in that hex.

Movement rules

All rules remain roughly the same, with the exception, that companies may not cross the river at any Hex that does not have a settlement or bridge on it.

Movement into/out of a hex that has rough terrain with a settlement in or from a hex with difficult terrain into one with a settlement(friendly or neutral), gets a +1 on the scouting roll.

Desert hex = -1 to forced march roll

Companies that are all mounted receive +1 to forced march rolls

Other faction rules
  • Mordor =  +1 to forced march rolls
  • Gondor =  +1 to resource gathering rolls
Battle rules

Any company or army that is not placed in a settlement may be subject to attack from local rebels, each time a company or army moves into a new hex roll a 2D6 which if is +10 the company or army is beset upon by rebels, play a single battle with the rebels having a points worth of:
  • 1 or 2 - 50pts
  • 3 or 4 - 100pts
  • 5 - 200pts
  • 6 - Re-roll
If the company or army losses they move back into their previous hex, if they are unable to do so they must fight until they can either move into the previous hex or defeat the rebels.

When two or more companies move into the same Hex, with at least one being an enemy to other companies, both sides may choose either two things:
  • Fight
  • Retreat
If both sides choose to fight both sides engage in three battle whoever wins the final battle wins the overall encounter (losing side(s) move back into a hex (if unable to, they fight one battle again)).

If both retreat and fight are chosen, they engage in battles until either the retreat-er wins or is destroyed. If the retreat-er wins they may:
  • Move into an adjacent hex(if they can't they must fight until they win again and retry their scouting roll)
  • Or the retreat-er may battle three more times(using rules as if both sides choose to fight)
If both choose to retreat, they move back into an adjacent hex(provided one passes their scouting roll)

Battles are decided by a 2D6
  • 2   - Treasure hunt
  • 3   - Breakthrough
  • 4   - Control
  • 5   - Hold the line
  • 6   - Take the high ground
  • 7   - Re-roll(silence the artillery in event of siege)
  • 8   - The chance encounter
  • 9   - All for one
  • 10 - The raging river(/ take the watchtower)
^ must be in river hex/hex with tower or else re-roll
  • 11 - Supply run
  • 12 - Night raid

I hope that covers everything? And you didn't fall asleep during reading it.

Until then


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