Saturday, 17 November 2012

Gondor in Flames Turn 2

Well another day another turn. Here's where we left off:

Gondor manage to win priority again.
Another peasant was bought for each of the settlements. One initiate roll was taken, a mounted Rohan royal guard had been pulled from the taverns, his name Luthyre and he rode to Dengond in aid.

Dengond ordered his troops to enter the darkened Osgiliath where although apparently deserted, a spooky atmosphere is set. They spot a group of rouge Gondorians around a camp fire, and they charge at them.

Turn 2 Battles

The battle goes by in a blur leaving Dengond and his men wounded for the worse. One of his Corporal's was killed in the melee, two more were detained for another battle and the remaining Corporal lost a leg. Otherwise they seemed fine, but none of them had the strength to return to the ruined city. That evening a rider turned up by the name of Luthyre he had been ordered under Dengond's command.

Elsewhere in Gondor Mainz manages another Hex forward.
On the bright side they generated 600R.

In Mordor Grash orders  the orc nearer to the black gate, but too many are too tired, if only they all had his endurance...
Both settlements are garrisoned with two extra peasants.

In the desert Morge marches north out of it, only to find a group of Gondorians hastening south, could he hold the line?

A furious battle broke out, the winner swaying back and forth, eventually Morge was wounded and the Gondorians managed a passage south.
In the aftermath Morge was tending to his stump rather than an arm, one orc will miss the next battle, another cunning orc managed to snatch a Gondorian's pouch which contained 30R. Despite this Morge urges his fellows on, and after narrowly missing another rebel warband, they continued on to the bridge where they had to rest.

Barad-dur and the southern stronghold only manage to gather 200R.

Good Evil
Capital 500 100
Settlements 100 100
Battles 0 0
Other 0 30
Supplies -20 -26
Expenses -300 -200
Total 280 4

This puts the Gondorian total at 864 and the Mordor total at 480. The board after two turns:

Maybe next time four more settlements will be taken?

Until then


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