Saturday, 17 November 2012

Gondor in Flames Turn 2 Battles

Here's the photos on the turn 2 battles.

First Dengond Vs rebels (Night raid):

Board and Layout
Moving through the ruins
Nice shot
Arrows returned
Man down
Dengond gets priority and unwittingly leaves his archer stranded!
Another wound
Archer coming into play
Dengond's men taking a beating
"Finally a fight!" archer

Definitely better off with a bow
Dengond's men are reduced under 25% so take a loss, the rogues retain
They pay tribute to the dead corporal
Luthyre arrives
Second Morge Vs rebels (Breakthrough):

Board and layout
The Gondorians fan out
More fanning
*Thunk* one orc down
On the left
On the right, another lousy orc is shot
Sacrifice of the spearman
Closing down the archers
Another speared sacrifice, putting the swordsman at a distance
Orc archer can still see you

"Is it still a sacrifice if I don't die?" spearman
Another orc killed despite outnumbering them
"Run my friend, run!"
More combats
Morge approaches from behind
Attacked again
"Gotcha!" Morge
The archer holding up
Still running
"No you don't" swordsman, Morge failed his fate roll
The archer kills another orc

Orc archer tries his luck, even though the odds are against him
The orcs not giving up
Same here
"Nearly there"
The attacks continue
"This shielding thing really works!" spearman
Still surviving
And here
The next turn the Gondorians manage to breakthrough, leaving Morge defeated.

The companies before:

Dengond represented by a Numenorian, and his Corporals to the left
Morge represented by an Orc captain, his corporals to the right

And now the companies afterwards

Luthyre promoted
Morge loses his arm so drops his shield, although not shown

Until then


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