Monday, 12 November 2012

Other rules

Well to make the game a little more interesting, hopefully, I've included some achievements that if completed get you a prize or something.

Peasant's defence - defend a settlement against greater numbers with only peasants, and win.
Reward - promotion of one defending peasant, 6 rolls on advancement table (He now has equivalent of 50exp).

Good Harvest - Gather the maximum amount of resources possible in one turn (must have more than two settlements).
Reward - one battle company(place at capital or adjacent to capital)

A Legend is Born - Get one hero to 105exp
Reward - 10000R

Victories Galore - Win 5 battles against your enemies in a row
Reward - +1 courage to all your models until your opponents wins a battle against you.

The middle ground - Hold the settlements: Osgiliath, North Ithilien, Minas Morgul and north Harnen, for four or more turns.
Reward - 10 Rangers of Gondor(placed in north Ithilien)

Faction summons

Riders from the west - Captain and 12 riders (placed adjacent to Anorien settlement)
Cause - Osgiliath is taken by evil forces

Goblins of the mountains - Goblin captain, 24 goblins, cave troll(placed adjacent to Cirth Ungol)
Cause - Minas Morgul is taken by good forces

Notes: Good and Evil must control Anorien and Cirth Ungol Settlements respectively for these to apply, only when they do do the Riders/goblins appear.

That might conclude the rules, At the end of the 5th and 10th turn I'll do a review or something, but lets see how things are going then

Until then


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