Saturday, 24 November 2012

Gondor in Flames Turn 3

Last time Dengond's men attacked Osgiliath only to be repelled, but they did gain Luthyre a Rohan royal guard.
Mainz still hasn't reached his first settlement.
Morge also lost their first battle, but managed to reach the river Harnen.
And Grash is approaching the black gate.

Mordor get Priority, and summon a vicious warg rider, Keresk, to accompany Grash, who has reached the black gate and taken over as it's commander. Keresk fails to reach the black gate since his warg needed it's rest, apparently. 
Morge manages another hex towards the settlement northwards resting outside it's borders.
Evil manage to gather 300R compensating for the initiate purchase.

In Minas Tirith another warband is called up, commanded by Lieutenant Nethar.
Eastward Dengond finally penetrates the city walls only to find the rogue band disbanded, although disappointed he has captured Osgiliath.

Mainz reaches the settlement only to find a village empty of defenders, one of his keen corporals pointed to a group of men hastening from the village, with what looked like an unconscious man, Mainz ordered his men into action.

Turn 3 battles

It was a quick and easy battle only two of his warriors did not manage a kill, and one of his corporals managed two kills with his bow despite the heavily armoured opponents.
The man they rescued was a warrior of Minas Tirith previously on duty at that settlement, he was tempted to join Mainz but he had reached retirement age and so declined to offer.

Gondor had got their first victory gaining them 400R, the settlements generated 300R that turn just enough to keep them out of negative figures.

The board:

Good Evil
Capital 100 100
Settlements 200 200
Battles 400 0
Other 0 0
Supplies -27 -30
Expenses -1000 -200
Total -327 70

Giving Mordor a total of 550R and Gondor a total of 537R.

Well that concludes the third turn, Maybe next turn we'll get to see Nethar in action, Morge may finally reach the Harnen settlement.

Until then


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