Thursday, 20 December 2012

The fort

Ok, a little off topic here but, being bored and creative over the Christmas holidays made me make a mini fort:

Click to enlarge for various measurements
There's the plan, I tried not to be too extravagant and not too simple in the design. Then to decide the various lengths/heights of buildings, which took a re-scaling.

I wish I had took a picture during the process, since this was very enjoyable.

There's still the tower to finish, however the gates made surpassed the image I had of them.

Anyway the entire fort composes of 1mm card, cut using a Stanley knife. 

The gate pivots are cocktail sticks which I pierced through top and bottom, then trimmed. 
Paper strips are wrapped around these sticks and glued only to the individual gate cards.

The stairs are made of polystyrene blocks.

More on this in the future.

Until then


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