Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Night upon north Harnen

Rathin watched the sun dip below the wooded horizon. Still no word of the oncoming attack. He strolled back into the courtyard.
"You four! patrol the boundaries!" He ordered to the peasants. 
Maybe Mainz would attack by the morning, after then he would sent out scouts.
The troop lay around a tree, praying that they would sleep for a few hours longer. 
But they didn't...

Lieutenant Mainz Vs Lieutenant Rathin (Night raid)

Mainz is injured with old battle wound, Corporal A assumes command.


Both nearby guards fall asleep, the corporals take advantage by
attacking them, the archers however fail to wound one of them.
The alarm is raised, and the Haradrim rush to the ensuing melee
Another of the peasants is wounded, and the Haradrim archer
 fails to wound any of the Gondorians
The Lieutenant awakes just soon enough to join the melee.
More fighting
Another peasant downed
Rathin casts the one-armed Sanas aside (-1 might point)
The ranger and citadel guard match each other in the fights
Corporal B receives a  wound but still has another left.
The peasant payback
Corporal A fends off his three assailants,
the ranger and corporal B wound one each, Rathin's fate point failed
With the Mordorians broken, on of the Haradrim takes to the wind.
Shortly followed by another in the next turn.
All looks grim for the Mordorians
the ranger and citadel guard proving themselves,
Haradrim corporal passes fate roll
Running away, and the arrows failing to penetrate his light armour
They catch him
Only to run again
With nowhere to turn, he faces his attackers, parrying their blades aside
And one blow finds its way under the guard's armour
Corporal B flies in the face of little danger.
The odds seem to be even-ing
Until they finally break his will

Giving the Gondorians a minor victory and 600R (400R for taking settlement + 200R for a minor victory)

In the Gondorian camp Sanas makes a full recovery and gains +1 fate, both the warrior and the citadel guard will miss the next turn.
Thuralion gains +1courage, +1 defence, Asten gains the courageous special rule, Sanas gains +1 wound, CG4 gains +1 courage, R2 gains +1attack and +1wound, The warrior is promoted to a citadel guard (CG8),

In the Haradrim camp, the bowman is found dead, and Rathin will miss the next turn, otherwise all make full recoveries.

Mainz lay rested at a tree gazing at the stars, when the bushes rustled nearby.
"Show yourself! Or face the Gondorian's wrath!" Mainz shouted with purpose.
"It's only me Sir!" came from Thuralion, his second in command, who had lead the assault.
"How went the attack? Is the settlement secure?" He asked as the corporal lifted him from the tree and supported him walking.
"All to well. They were as surprised as you said Lieutenant."
"I bring good news too."
Thuralion looked at Mainz befuddled.
"You no longer have to address me as such." Mainz continued
"Sir please don't retire! Five victories out of as many battles, bear also in mind the resources we've gathered almost as much as all the other Lieutenant's combined!" Refuted Thuralion. 
It was true, Mainz was becoming a superior commander.
"It's not that. I've been given rank of General, second only to the steward himself." Mainz replied. At this point they had reached the gateway of North Harnen.
An eruption of cheers came from inside the courtyard, all except Thuralion who applauded after he had set Mainz on a sturdy stool.
"What are our orders, General?" Asked Asten the second corporal, with a smile.

Rathin had been sneaking through the new defences of north Harnen to rescue the last of his men. He had gathered four of them. He ducked before an incoming arrow pierced his forehead. 
No alarm was raised, so he could continue for a while longer. 
He stooped over a nearby body, it was his other bowman, barely alive. He managed to drag him half way to the outer boundaries. When an arrow came from behind and struck Rathin in the shoulder. He blacked out.

Rathin awoke around a fire with his corporal's deep in discussion.
"Where are we?" he mumbled.
"He's awake!" One corporal exclaimed."Bring him water!"
"Where are we?" Rathin repeated after a mouthful of water.
"East of the settlement, and Gateway bridge" The corporal replied.
"South!" The lieutenant cried.
"The dark lord demanded we go north and fight for Osgiliath?"
"Next time you speak, you will give my rank!" Rathin roared and the corporal backed away.
"Apologies sir, I have got too used to being in command in your absence." He granted. 
"Now turn south, the dark lord still needs something to claim."
And they marched south fearing the dark lord's wrath was ever on their backs.

Until then


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