Monday, 15 July 2013

Battle of West Druadan

Anersk had just taken his first sip of the mud-ed, and blood-ed water they had as sustenance, when his scout reported back to him.
"What news!" He barked.
"A handful of scummy straw-heads, sir." The scout quivered.
"Gather your weapons scum!" He ordered, "your blades shall have man flesh this day!"


The archers fire upon each other to little avail
The Rohirrim get priority and charge
The orcs take two casualties to a rider.
Haldran wins the heroic move roll off

Again two orcs to a rider, breaking the Mordorian force
Anersk flees the field leaving his warriors to fight man to orc
The corporal proving his worth again

Reducing the orc force to 25% Giving Haldran the victory and 400R!

In Haldran's camp, both wounded riders shall miss the next turn. 
One of which was promoted to a royal guard gaining +1fate and heavy armour. Haldran gains an extra wound.

In the Mordorian camp Corporal A will miss the next turn. Whilst the other corporal makes a full recovery with two other orcs. One orc was killed from his wounds.
One of the recovered orcs is promoted to a morannon orc and dons heavy armour.

"Sir the orcs have fled south." reported Haldran's scout.
"What!" exclaimed Haldran."we rid one evil to be replaced by another!"
"Minas Tirith is in their sights." pointed Haldran's first corporal. "The goblin horde is east of Minas Tirith, they both could combine and take it!"
"The only good news is that with Anersk travelling south, Cair Andros could be claimed by Nethar" added his second corporal.
"No, Nethar was ordered to secure Minas Tirith." Haldran explained "I was to take Cair Andros and rout Anersk. Although we could both aid at Minas Tirith and the Riders of Rohan eored could attack Cair Andros."
They stood mounted in silence.
"Well men." started Haldran "I has been a pleasure, grab your arms!"
And the wounded mounted their horses preparing to fight at death's door for Gondor.
"We ride men!  Gondor calls and we shall summon all our courage and rid this world of the Mordorians and their fiends!"

"So, we have been brought to the gates of Gondor." Chuckled Anersk sitting around the camp-fire with his warriors, who were of a different mind. Their defeat was close. And although they had gained much experience, the death of one of their kin was saddening, even for orcs.
"To think you maggots could pull it off!" Anersk grinned.
A couple of the stronger orcs shot him an evil look.
"The dark lord will be pleased, we can attack and the steward will be tortured for information once the city is ours!" This lightened the mood a little. "NOW MOVE OUT SCUM! The dark lord kills slackers!" He bellowed, and the orcs followed belligerently.

Until then


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