Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Gondor in Flames turn 12

Last turn Haldran defeated Anersk, only to push him closer to Minas Tirith.
General Mainz captured north Harnen, while Lieutenant Rathin turned north
The Riders of Rohan and the Goblin Horde both had victories over the rogues.
The troll was wounded by a rogue captain, who is now being sought out on both sides of the river.

The Mordorians get priority and gather 1000R, meanwhile the Gondorians gather a similar 1100R.

The dark lord is aware of the treat against Cair Andros the riders of Rohan pose, so he purchases the service of six peasants, two for Cair Andros, two for Khand, two for Cirth Ungol.
Also a battle company at Cair Andros lead by Lieutenant Corgoth, and sends out for three recruits, two return, an orc warrior(with shield) for Vashner at Osgiliath, and a Mordor Uruk-hai warrior (Blurthrug) at Cirth Ungol.

The steward is growing increasingly fearful of the impending battle, so orders four recruits for Lieutenant Oira, to which only a Guard of the Fountain court (Questor) returns, he sends for four more, to which two men of Rohan with shields return. They must suffice.

The goblin horde and Lieutenant Anersk both manage to assail at the walls of Minas Tirith.
General Morge returns to Cirth Ungol to attach Blurthrug to his company.
Lieutenant Rathin's company mange one hex before Rathin's stretcher gets stuck in the Ithilien trees, fortunately this blocks the path north through the Gateway bridge where they rest.
Lieutenant Jurasin manages a single hex north into the mountains.
Lieutenant Vashner remains at Osgiliath to protect it's walls.

Lieutenants Dengond and Aerun form an attack on Osgiliath with captain Bestir.
General Mainz attacks Gateway bridge. 
Lieutenant Nethar joins the riders of Rohan outside Cair Andros, but are unable to attack.
Lieutenant Io manages two hexes towards Minas Tirith.
Meanwhile lieutenant Haldran's company actually manage to reach Minas Tirith in aid.
Lieutenant Luthyre remains at Minas Morgul to guard it.

Three battles this turn two of which are very decisive.
If Minas Tirith is claimed the Mordorians will have another settlement, and a base to plunge deeper into Gondor territory.
If Osgiliath is claimed by Gondor the assault on Minas Tirith will be cut short, and maybe even re-claimed if it was taken.

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