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Gondor in Flames turn 11 end

In the last turn:
Newly appointed General Mainz secured North Harnen.
Lieutenant Haldran fought a close victory over orc Lieutenant Anersk.
The riders of Rohan company got their first victory.
The goblin captain got his second at the expense of a turn without the troll.

Good Evil
Capital 500 100
Settlements 800 800
Battles 1200 400
Other -30 0
Supplies -115 -94
Expenses -1300 -900
Total 1055 306

Giving The Mordorians a total of 1709R and the Gondorians a massive total of 5123R

This leaves Minas Tirith exposed to the goblin horde, who might remain their another turn so the troll can recover, also Anersk presses ever closer. 
Cair Andros is almost theirs for the taking, a handful of peasants against the Riders of Rohan. 
The south is too almost secure, only Rathin to expel from the territory.
Cirth Ungol is within their reach too if they can defeat the General Morge in battle.

The Mordorians could claim Minas Tirith if luck is on their side, Lieutenant Vashner keeps Osgiliath secure. Lieutenant Keresk has never been under much danger, although he could travel to Cair Andros and protect Mordor's northern border.
Lieutenant Rathin needs to keep General Mainz occupied so that he can't unite the people across the Anduin to attack the orcs coming across.
Lieutenant Jurasin needs to secure the Nurn settlement before he can help out General Morge

Lieutenant Oira walked down the stone hallway. Even as a dwarf he marvelled at the stonework in Minas Tirith. He had come before the Steward.
"Tell me dwarf!" He spoke. "Should I flee now? Or wait for you to be defeated in battle?"
"Neither lord." Oira replied. "You have heard the rumours I take it?"
The steward wore a frown like it was his crown.
"The rogue captain, who wounded the troll before your very gates."
"Lieutenant. I care little for the brave deeds of warriors, so long as they are done by my warriors!" Barked the Steward.
"I just so happens that the rogue captain quoted, I sold an amulet to."
The steward sat in silence. It was an indication for Oira to continue.
"I thought at first the amulet was but a trinket, but clearly it has great powers to grant the holder, and if we were-" Oira continued
"Speak little else dwarf! Send for Lieutenants Luthyre, Nethar and General Mainz to watch if this captain should pass between our borders again, and acquire his services!" Ordered the Steward.
Oira had already done both of these, but left anyway.

Vashner sat in the Gondorian command office at Osgiliath. He had wooden plate with a mud-like meal on it, clearly the peasants would need a lashing. 

Before he could reach his whip his second in command came at the door.
"Some unusual news, Vash"
"If this weren't private I'd have your arm!" He said smiling.
"Dengond and Aerun the filth" Vashner grinned at that "are no longer pursuing the general"
"What!" He shouted. "Are you sure?" 
"Yes sir, he wanted you to prepare better defences, his orders"
"I will improve the defences, when Aerun licks my right boot!" 
"The orc you requested are here also."
"Good send the scum in here then!" When the orc came in his eyes shifted around the room, as if they were looking for an exit.
"Tell me what you know" Vashner ordered.
"The man you want, moves south from Minas Tirith."

Further south, just so past Gateway bridge in Lieutenant Rathin's camp, his corporals drugged Rathin's soup so he lay at rest for much longer than he thought. 
His corporals then marched the troop north. The dark lord knew what he was doing, they would follow to the letter.

Until then


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