Saturday, 13 July 2013

Gondor in Flames turn 11

Previously the goblin captain finally secured Osgiliath, Nethar prevented an orc invasion of Druadan, Aerun and Luthyre were victors of the first major battle.

This turn Mordor get priority and gather 900R compared to Gondor's 1300R

The Dark lord orders the purchase of 6 peasants, two for Cirth Ungol, two for Cair Andros, and two for north Harnen.
Also Corporal Keresk calls up for three recruits, he is granted a warg rider and a serpent guard, who went by the name Planeen. Which means Keresk is promoted to Lieutenant(+1 might/will) and he also promotes Dareos and Flaneen to corporals(+1 fate).

The steward is just as cautious, and also purchases the aid of six peasants, one for north Druadan, one for Minas Morgul, and four for Minas Tirith. He also was aware of the threat that the goblin horde posed on Minas Tirith, so acquired a company of Minas Tirith at Pelargir, lead by Lieutenant Io

The goblin captain seizes the initiative to claim Minas Tirith, however is confronted by a rogue Gondorian warband outside it's walls.
More northwards Anersk marches towards Cair Andros managing a single hex, before they are engaged by some Rohirrim.
Vashner moves south to occupy Osgiliath in the goblin captain's absence.
Morge marches towards Cirth Ungol but also stops outside it's walls.
Keresk returns to north Ithilien.
Jurasin reaches the Khand settlement.

The dwarven Lieutenant Oira sees Minas Tirith's impending doom and hastens his company around the goblins and safely through it's gates.
Mainz takes up arms and assaults north Harnen.
Aerun and Dengond chase after Morge however remain one hex behind the Lieutenant.
Luthyre withdraws to the safety of Minas Morgul's walls to let his company recover from the previous battle.
Nethar Manages a single hex in the pursuit of Anersk, Haldran fairs better and catches up with the orc.
The Riders of Rohan captain, rides around the Gondorian companies towards Cair Andros stopping outside it's walls for a large rogue Mordorian warband.

Lieutenant Mainz has finally reached the north Harnen settlement and faces Lieutenant Rathin and four peasants behind walls.
Haldran has enclosed on Anersk, with 8 orcs against 5 riders. Which could end up being close.
The Riders of Rohan captain faces 200pts of orcs, the largest company of rogues to ever be engaged.
The goblin captain has a similar challenge but with 100pts of Gondorian rogues.

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