Friday, 19 July 2013

Gondor in flames turn 11 other battles

Riders of Rohan Vs rogue Mordor (200pts) (Hold the line)


One arrow piercing the orc ranks
A flanking manoeuvre
Literally de-ridered
The orcs seize the initiative 
The Rohirrim charge
One Rider down
The captain proves himself, and another orc is also killed
Another charge, and a rider flanking to the back of the orc line
More charging
A rider surrounded and cut down
the other slices one and knocks the other over
The orc captain saved by fate, the Rohan captain gets two more
two orcs and riders wounded
Even more charging, one rider leaves the flank to aid at the centre
Being broken three orcs flee!
The Rohan captain charges the orc captain twice to little avail,
three orcs fall to one rider
The Rohirrim charge, hopefully for the last time
The captain getting his fifth and sixth kills
But fails to get the seventh
The orc captain stands his ground pushing a rider to it,
One orc and a rider wounded too.
Reducing the orc force below 33%.
Giving the Riders of Rohan a minor victory! (and 200R)
Four of the wounded were detained and two were found dead on the field. The other three made full recoveries.

The Goblin Horde Vs rogue Gondor (100pts) (Take the high ground)


The forces ascend onto the hill, one man trips on his way up.
One of the goblin archers was clearly trained
The lines are formed, and arrows are exchanged
The battle lines join
Two men fall under the weight of numbers, the rogue captain ducks
beneath the troll's attacks and pierces it deeply. 
The rogue captain charges the beast again
And smashes his hilt at the troll's nose, rendering it unconscious
A goblin and man are wounded either side.
The game continues despite the rogues being broken
The rogue captain has a wound saved by fate
the other captain beheads one of the other three men left
The game continues
The Rogues clearly at a disadvantage
The rogue captain wounded, and his last man downed
And the game ends!
Giving the goblin horde a major victory! (and 400R)

The troll sat slumped, bleeding from the nose. None of the goblins had gathered enough courage to mop the brown blood pouring onto the troll's stomach. 
They had won the battle, but the news was bleak.
If a small rogue company could incapacitate the troll, the goblin horde was losing it's skill in this world. Maybe a siege on Minas Tirith was too soon.

The Rohan captain had taken up scouting duties, he was cantering through the brush. No orders yet, but he was hopeful. Until.
Glinting on the horizon, mail that suggested. More than one suggested a troop. 
It was unlikely than Minas Tirith had fallen, yet an orc troop could have been sent north to trap them at the Cair Andros defences. Behind him a one of his men rode up to him.
"Ill news captain" He said.
"Well, we have a troop approaching from the south, most likely Gondorian." The captain responded.
"It is, a rider came before you came out sir. Nethar is coming to us-"
"That is good news? how could it be bad?" The captain interrupted.
"A new company has been seen at Cair Andros, and more peasants there too."
"So, we are to attack Cair Andros?"

Until then


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