Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Another break

Summer is ending, soon I will be doing my A-levels :).
Unfortunately that means a heavy workload of homework, apparently.

This means less time on my hobby :(. So posts on this blog might come up less frequently.

On a lighter note, some re-painting of my men of Numenor.
Previously coloured black and grey with bits of boltgun metal and shining gold. Now....

The cloaks have been blended from Chaos black to Codex grey, with six stages. Each with more grey added than the last, until the sixth which is purely grey.

The inner cloak edging has been re-coated, Skull white over Codex grey.

And the under tunic was re-applied with three stages of blending.

  • Scab red 100%
  • Scab red+Blood red 50:50
  • Blood red 100%
I'm quite pleased with the results, although I do still have a few bits to tidy-up and re-paint.

Anyway until then


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