Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Board work

An update on the current developments.

Firstly I decided to plan out the features of the board:

  • A crossroads, with statue
  • One has a 'normal' hill
  • A low hill on one

I've started on the hills, below is a picture of a planned hill, in sheet form ready to be cut.

The idea was to have two sheets of polystyrene to a level of the hill. Comparing this with a model. So I decided to have three levels for the normal hill, and four for the other. 

Anyway I prepared for six levels for both so I can make it smaller If I wanted. Both hills (with six levels) are currently cut out and are ready to be modelled.

On a smaller note I have started painting some Warriors of Minas Tirith, but aren't finished yet. So once I get some batteries for my camera, You will see them finished and the hills being modelled

Until Then


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