Thursday, 11 August 2011

SBG tournament 4th round High king vs Minas Morgul

4th round High king vs Minas Morgul
Setup as normal except three wall sections sprouting out of a hill, between two is a rocky outcrop requiring a climb test to move over.

The forces gather, A small consultation for the men this is to the death rather than an objective game, still 31 orcs to kill. A tall order for the Numenorians.

The Numenorians rush hastily towards the narrow gap in the south. Stunned the orcs northwards have to wheel around. the rest press opposite the men. Also vaulting over a wall, to which Grishnakh stumbles but remains intact on the other side. 

Turn 2 - Good
Grishnakh and Elendil call heroic moves, the orc winning, and moving his troops forward, and more importantly standing up (Elendil would have engaged him, getting an easy kill). More orcs fall over the wall, one sprints to challenge the man on the outcrop but falls and smashes his head on the rock. 

Elendil issues a heroic combat, he and his men wound the captain twice only to be saved by fate. They rush on the captain again and kill the beast, Elendil avenging himself for his death in the first round. The men on the outcrop are both killed by the numerous orcs.

Turn 3 - Evil
Two orcs rush over the rocks, only to find several men trapping them! Grishnakh charges a man beside Elendil. The others are charged. More orcs move around the wall.

Both leaders Call heroic combats, the king winning, killing his opponent. Then moving to Grishnakh and solely wounding the orc thrice (one was saved by fate). Two orcs fall behind the two remaining leaders.

Turn 4 - Good
Elendil and his captain form a defensive circle, the other men battle  the orcs of the rock. The northern orcs have travelled far but are in position.

An orc on the rock is killed.

Turn 5 - Good
Spare men form a shield wall to protect their leaders.
The orcs crash onto the shields

Elendil and the captain call heroic combats. Elendil losses his first fight and is wounded (failed his fate roll). His second charge kills the two as revenge. the captain is less fortunate, but receives a single wound. Elsewhere two Numenorians are slain, and a single orc.

Turn 6 - Good
The men lock shields by the battle line, the two leaders bolt into the orcs. In response others rush over the rocks. things look grim for the Numenorians.

Again the captain and Elendil call Heroic combats. Elendil is wounded in his first, the captain slaughters both of his opponents, and charges forth to his next two .Elendil rushes into the banner bearer engaging two others in the process. The captain shields, pushing an orc who was in contact with the banner bearer, back. Elendil then stabs the bearer in the heart (he had to use 1 might to kill).

Turn 7 - Evil (the tide has turned)
The remaining orcs (two models from breaking) charge once more into the men of the west, who are now partially surrounded.

The fights begin Elendil calls a heroic combat, the orcs have other plans and pin his sword arm then stab his defenceless body. three men of the battle line fall in sight of their king's lifeless body. Only the captain restores some honour, killing a single orc. The men are broken.

Turn 8 - Good
The captain calls his men to stand fast, and cover each others backs. this urges the orcs on surrounding the three brave men.

The fights go predictably, The Numenorian defending the passage from the beginning, is defeated. Now only a single man remains. 

Turn 9 - Evil
They surround the beleaguered man. 

He responds courageously, by the slaughter of an orc.

Turn 10 - Evil
Once more the orc horde ensnares the man.

Again he resists the horde. A single kill will break the orc horde. He strike the orc in-front, But the crude helmet protects him (He rolled a 4!).

Turn 11 - Evil
The final encasing of the man who submits after three turns of assault.

The game ends. I have to say this has been the most enjoyable of all the tournament games.

The orcs get another victory under their belts, and the men leave feeling sorely cheated.

Moria and Rivendell next time.

Until then


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