Saturday, 20 August 2011

Spraying Session

Quite a lot done, for me that is.

I was doing a tester/sample for the battle board, so:

I took a piece a polystyrene and coated it with a thin film of sand on one side, and dirt on the other. The dirt part sounds strange, but someone suggested it on, so I'm going to compare the results afterwards.

After leaving it for a day or so I shook off the excess. Then applied a coat of watered down glue .

After leaving that to dry...

The next(and final) step was to apply spray paint to the piece.

I was most worried about this part,since spray paint and polystyrene don't go well together. But with the glue coating should hopefully protect it.

Seeing as I was using the paint, I whisked up some models glued sand to the base etc. 

In the picture before the spraying:

  • 12 Warriors of Minas Tirith
  • 11 Rangers of Gondor/Arnor 
  • Mounted Theodred
  • 2 25mm bases, for future use as objectives.
  • 8 Praetorian Guard + Centurion and two men with shields (Probably Auxiliary infantry) 
  • Unattached spears of Rangers and warriors, Elessar's right arm (from mounted version)
  • And a piece of rocky terrain.

The results

Well, I think it worked. The polystyrene didn't melt or anything like that. Even the unprotected sides, which caught some of the paint, remain solid.

A closer look at the tester piece. With flash.

Without flash

So, you might see some painting of mine up this or next month.

Until then


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