Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Small break

After helping a friend today, constructing a wardrobe by flat pack. Each box had an immense amount of polystyrene and wood(surprisingly) , and it seemed to stupid to let all of it go to waste.

They let me have some polystrene. Since I already have 4 2'x2' boards with nothing on them, I decided to start finishing (if that sounds right?) them. So over the next weeks, or months, I'm going to make them into Realm of battle boards.

Just so you know, I originally got the plywood boards a year or so ago. My dad was re-doing the kitchen, he had some plasterboard left over. A local landscape gardener, decided to swap it for 4' by 4' of 7 thick plywood, at my dads expense!

By anyway, the tournament will continue. And for the next 3 rounds (by the dice)"To the death" scenario will be played instead of "Domination". So a huge relief for the Numenor forces.

Until then


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