Monday, 8 August 2011

SBG Tournament 3rd round High king Vs Rivendell

SBG Tournament 3rd round High king Vs Rivendell

Setup as normal. Elendil's forces represent good for this game, and the elves evil.

Men get to move first, but only hold their defensive blockade. For the game I had decided to hold back, and try to work my way outwards with the king. Back to the game, the elves jump off their hill, two die in the process. The archers behind move into position. A man is killed by the elven bows.

the men move fist again for the second turn, but only slacken their line. The elves move into groups of four splitting to gain the other three objectives, two elf archers also move away from the cliff. Gain the Elves prove their worth, killing another two men.

Turn 3 has the elves move first for once. The outlying objectives are captured by them. Elendil and his captain see that they will probably be shot to death if they stay where they are.

Another two Numenorians are killed by the bows. one kill from breaking!

Turn 4 goes to the elves, who barely move, two archers draw their bows. Elendil with the captain rush to the nearby hill, they must take it, or face yet another defeat. The men at base realise that lying down, reduces the chances of being killed. A smart idea preventing four elves from shooting (friends in the way, elves at the well)
however both other archers can draw a line of fire, killing a singe man.

Meaning the end of the game.

Elves = 4 + 1(breaking enemy)
Men = 1

5-1 another defeat for the men. It proves that a singe hero can't make up for 10 models in games like these. their only hope is to get a decent scenario for the next three rounds.


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