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SBG Tournament 3rd round Minas Morgul Vs Moria

SBG Tournament 3rd Round Minas Morgul Vs Moria

Sorry for the delay. Me being in Dorset on holiday.

Anyway, the third round of the tournament.

Different Setup, Four hills each with their own objective, and  three walls in the centre with another.

For this game Minas Morgul Count as good, and Moria as Evil. To start all models jump off their allocated hills, one orc is killed in this process, the goblins  scramble towards the objectives with ease, due to their cave dwellers rule.

Priority switches for the second turn, the goblins scampering to the vacant objectives. Unlike the orcs setting off their second wave off their hill, with yet another orc falling on his head. 

The orc captain urges his warg on to engage the unsuspecting goblin column. Luckily, for the goblins, the wraith within range casts transfix on the captain, who shrugs it off. He later wins the fight but fails to wound the minions.

At the opposite side the troll moves menacingly towards Grishnakh's wall.

The third turn has 'good' with priority. Grishnakh's wall of cowardly orcs move away from the troll, fully aware of their weaknesses. Unfortunately the troll is still in charging distance, and bounds towards the orcs.  

The first wave of orcs arrives to aid the orc captain. Durburz responds by jumping into combat against the orcs.  

Both Durburz and the Captain call for heroic fights, the captain winning. Both Lose their first fights. the captain however kills three goblins in his second, Durburz couldn't match the score. 

Elsewhere the troll squashes an orc, and another goblin is slain.  

Turn four goes to the orcs. two of which rush up the northern hill. The first trips and dies, the other
falls over his dead comrade to also kill himself. Fortunately one orc does manage to clamber onto the hill. The captain charges bravely into the goblin mass with his two warriors.

Back by the troll, Grishnakh - somehow - manages to encourage his orcs to charge the beast, only one screams in fear. At the orc base an archer lines up a shot at the  troll, it dodges the blades of the orcs, hits and wounds the troll! Grishnakh will surely reward him for that.

Also four goblins run north to aid their fellows. The troll kills two orcs, northwards the captain wins the combat (only because he used a might  point) and slays a goblin. elsewhere two orcs are killed with a goblin.

The goblins have priority on the fifth turn. Grishnakh has other ideas, ushering his orcs on, he himself has to use will to charge the beast, two orcs also fail to charge.

You've probably noticed the goblins creeping from the south eastern hill. The troll kills another orc and wounds Grishnakh, only to be saved by fate. A goblin is killed by the orc warriors.

On the opposite side of the field, Durburz calls a heroic combat, the first he loses and has to use 2 fate to save one wound, and both fail. His second, he kills an orc using another might point.

The sixth turn goes the goblins way again. Grishnakh orders his minions to attack the troll yet again, two stand and watch the other two orcs. Whilst he challenges a goblin.

Westward the ringwraith, either bored or tactfully, launches a venomous dart at an orc behind the wall.  The orc behind drops dead.

More fights ensue in the north, leaving a singe goblin defending the hill.

The troll slays his orc opponent, none of the heroes killed at all. Also a goblin is killed too.

Turn 7 goes the goblins way again! The troll manically charges the free orcs, while Grishnakh charges a single goblin with help. 

All models are engaged in the north.

The troll kills the banner bearer, Grishnakh finally slays his enemy. 2 more goblins are lost. One, who was defending the hill, decided to not shield, lost his fight subsequently and was killed, the orc took his place, giving the objective to the orcs! fortunately for the goblins, Durburz lost his fight and backed away into 3" of the objective.

The goblin force is broken, the game ends. But who gathered each objective.
The orcs got the well.

Here the orcs and goblins get one apiece.

Another to the goblins.

The last objective had one model per army within 3" of it. Who won the roll off?

The orcs get the final objective marker, meaning the scores are.

Orcs = 3 + 1(breaking enemy) = 4
Goblins = 2

Another victory for the orcs.

High king vs Rivendell should be up soon!


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  1. You played Heroic Combats wrong. You only get to fight again if you win the first fight.

    Other than that, nice batrep.


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