Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Face-off 2016 1st Round Isengard Raiders Vs The Fiefdoms

The Fiefdoms return to the Face-offs again and confront their last enemies, the Isengard raiders, in hope that it will go like it did last time. Lurtz has the same bodyguard, the only difference is that they must take the prize before the Gondorians do.

Neither side has a wounding, move rate, numerical or fight value advantage, so really it's battle of model placement, movement and lucky dice rolls.

Isengard Raiders Vs The Fiefdoms (Seize the prize)

Both sides start off quickly, yet Duinhur gets the first kill,
shooting an uruk in the throat.
More movement towards the site, the uruks keep on firing arrows too.
The Gondorians then charge into the main uruk line, while some 
of each force detach to close in on the artifact.
One uruk gets the worst of the first melee.
The uruks reach the artifact first and block off the nearby Gondorians.
The main forces engage again.
And four more uruks fall to Gondorian steel, one by Duinhur, which
breaks the uruk forces, the only bad thing is that 
an uruk has dug up the artifact.
This uruk hastens to the board edge, while things go more awry
in the center, as Lurtz and co. are surrounded.
Another two uruks are cloven in two by a clansmen, 
and Lurtz gets the worst of the fighting.
The men corner the uruk...
Lurtz is brought to his knees, and killed along with one of his warriors. 
The Uruks have been humbled and the battle is basically over.
The Swan Knight surround the uruk allowing Duinhur
 to fight the pesky thing hand-to-hand.
And from here the uruks were charged until they fled, leaving the Gondorians with the artifact, and the victory!

Fiefdoms = 10 + 5(breaking Uruks) + 3(killing Lurtz) = 18
Isengard Raiders = 4

So the uruks have been utterly defeated, just as they were last time, they didn't get a single kill.

Duinhur got lucky with his first shot, then poor movement from Lurtz and his main group of warriors meant that two of the uruks and Lurtz were not even involved in the fighting for two turns, so a couple got killed, which left the fight very one-sided from that point onward.

The only bit of luck was the uruk digging up the artifact within one turn, however didn't have enough support to prevent the Gondorians surrounding him.

Hero Kills
Duinhur = 2 (2)

This means the Gondorians continue their winning run progressing to the semis, and will face the victor of the next battle: Théoden's Host Vs Moria.

Until then


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