Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Face-off 2016 1st Round Cirth Ungol Vs Rivendell

After easing through the play offs the elves get more action in the shape of a pack of Shagrat's orcs. This looks simple enough or the elves, with higher courage, high and defense values the orcs seem to only have their numbers as an advantage. However, they also have Shagrat, who has an extra might point and fight value is equal to the elves.

Cirth Ungol Vs Rivendell (To The Death!)

Both sides move closer to the barrier, whoever gets
there first wins the barrier combat bonuses.
The orcs get there first, and Shagrat sends a group to flank the
elves, who stand-off the stone wall.
But the flankers simply vault back over the hedge.
The elves must now attack the barrier. And they do.
They are repelled from the wall, but attack again this time also over
the other side of the wall, where one unfortunate elf trips
and his blood spills across the ground.
The Elf captain un-phased by the wall, slices through his opponent
and takes his place on the other side. 
Shagrat calls his orcs into the melee engaging and trapping the elves,
while another elf trips over the wall, but only takes a gash to the knee.
Despite being pinned down, the elves manage to break a hole in a
section of the orc's line, with the captain again cleaving up an orc.
The elf captain seeing a glimmer of fear in Shagrat's black eyes,
calls the elves to charge the pesky orcs.
And the captain promptly cuts down two orcs in front of the banner bearer.
Shagrat tries to swing the battle in his favour and orders the
orcs to go on the attack again!
Both leaders kill their opponents, and another elf falls to a cunning orc
spear thrust, that leaves both sides broken and wondering
if leaving home was at all a good idea.
Although Shagrat calls the orcs to stand their ground, one doesn't,
but another elf is downed so things are evened up.
Shagrat's bellows fill the field again and the
orcs pin down the elves again.
It's the elf captain to, who engages Shagrat who can only defend
himself as two of his followers can't take the
pressure any longer, so flee! 
Shagrat gets his revenge stabbing the annoying elf in the chest,
yet another of the orcs is wounded in response.
The elf captain encourages his last remaining follower to attack again,
while the other orc sees his captain engaged so flees
while he can't do anything about it!
But the Uruk captain is not to be underestimated, parrying the feeble
elf attacks, and punching the elf warrior unconscious. 
This leaves both leaders, standing toe-to-toe. a fierce melee
ensues, either side cutting and piercing the other,
blood staining cloak and ground alike...
And finally, the captain thrusts his blade deep into
the uruks belly leaving him prone on the floor.
So the elves snatch a very, very close victory over the orcs!

Rivendell = 10 + 5(breaking enemy force) + 3(killing Shagrat) = 18
Cirth Ungol = 4 + 5(breaking enemy force) = 9

Despite the orcs reaching the barrier first they only had the barrier advantage for three turns, but the banner was effective for around 6-7 turns, still the elves defense and fight advantage took it's toll and thanks to the Elven captain getting a stream of kills the orcs were broken at the same point as them. 

But the orcs still put up a good fight, Shagrat's stand fasts and occasional kill kept the battle within reach. Until too many of the orcs had fled, and only the captain were left, which was to the elves advantage.

Hero kills
Elven captain = 6 (8)
Shagrat = 3 (3)

So the Elves manage to progress again, and the orcs eliminated for the third time in a row. Up next is Isengard Raiders Vs The Fiefdoms.

Until then


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