Thursday, 12 May 2016

Face-off 2016 semi-final Rivendell Vs The Serpent Horde

After cutting through the Mordorians, the elves have made it through and face a very dangerous Haradrim force that got revenge over the Easterlings. The elves have courage and melee skills on their side, however some lucky rolls could lead to a crippling charge from the Serpent Lord. In this case though, the leaders are the prime targets, so they'll ideally be sticking close to their bodyguards.

Rivendell Vs The Serpent Horde (To Kill a King)

Suladan takes centre stage, as both bodyguards move closer.
And then the Serpent Lord calls the charge!
Suladan lops the heads of the nearest elves whilst trotting around,
the elf captain stands around watching this as another elf
gets pieced by a poisoned spear.
But then he orders a counter charge, which takes Suladan by surprise,
so the elf takes a huge slash at him leaving his hors splayed on the
floor and a blood stained thigh. Elsewhere an elf and serpent
guard succumb on either side.
The Serpent Lord rises from the dirt then promptly engages the elf
captain seeing the numbers of elves dwindling.

All the elves hold their ground, and even cut down a couple of
Haradrim, leaving them questioning their chances of victory...

The Elf captain pulls himself together, calls his warriors to charge
Suladan again, who loses his footing against the number of point
spears and blades allowing the captain to stab him in the chest.
And with the Serpent king killed the victory goes to the elves!

Rivendell = 10 + 5(breaking Haradrim) + 3(Killing Suladan) = 18
The Serpent Horde = 4 + 5(breaking Elves) = 9

Hero Kills
Suladan = 2(2)
Elven captain = 1(5)

The elves tried to block Suladan from charging, this wasn't completely successful but the captain managed to contain the Serpent Lord, allowing the other elves to out-do the other Haradrim slowly and the elf captain could bring him down. His bodyguard couldn't reach him through the unyielding elven shields, although both heroes are similarly skilled, the elf captain kept rolling 5's and 6's so he kept losing fights and succumbed. 

Again the Haradrim are denied another chance to fight in the final! And the Elves get their first. Who will meet them there? Fiefdoms Vs Théoden's host in Seize the prize is next...

Until then


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