Sunday, 22 May 2016

Face-off 201 semi-final The Fiefdoms Vs Théoden's Host

The Rohirrim have recorded their first ever victory in the face-offs, but now they face an even harder test; the fiefdoms, a force that recently bowled over the Isengard raiders. The Gondorians have a numerical advantage and throwing spear advantage, but they lack a leader with a fighting prowess at Erkenbrand's level. But that's not too important, so long as they claim the prize and exit the field...

Fiefdoms Vs Théoden's Host (Seize the prize)

Forces setup in opposing corners, they must get off any
board edge with the prize other than the top edge.


There's a brief exchange of spears and arrows,
but only minor cuts and scratches to show for it.
The sides get closer.
Erkenbrand sees that the Gondorians may get there first and urges
his men to attack now! One of the Rohirrim spears a swan knights
barely two foot away, and so Erkenbrand sounds his horn!
A handful of men break off from the main fight to gain the prize, and
one clansman gets on the pointy end of a Rohan spear.
Duinhur, however, dances around the pointy ends slashing apart his two
 opponents in mighty chucks, but sadly two more of his
clansmen fall to the Rohirrim.
The sides engage again, but one Rohan warrior picks up a spade in
his hand and starts digging up soil.

Erkenbrand sees red, and promptly slices through a swan knight
and clansman who appeared to be looking at the Rohan warrior
digging in the midst of battle...
Seeing his men being cut down, the blood becomes too much for
Duinhur and one knight, so leave the field coughing and spluttering.
This leaves three Swan Knights to battle against the numerous
Rohirrim, who've just dug up the prize.

After a few duels, one-sided assaults and Erkenbrand getting
another kill, the last of the Swan Knights is chased off,
but not before stabbing a Royal Guard in the thigh.

So the Rohirrim clear the field of cowardly Gondorians, claim the prize and so the victory!!

Théoden's host = 10 + 5(breaking Gondorians) = 15
Fiefdoms = 4 

Hero kills
Erkenbrand = 3 (3)
Duinhur = 2 (2)

The Rohirrim clearly got the better of the Gondorians early on; and after they had lost a couple of warriors to throwing spears, the SKODA had to either shield to prevent being killed too easily and had to get 6's in order to restore number balance, which put the stats and the individual fights against them, aside from Duinhur fleeing early on completely ruling out any chance of a Gondorian comeback.

With the semis out of the way, the third place battle between the Fiefdoms and the Serpent Horde is next :)

Until then


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