Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Face-off 2016 Third place The Serpent Horde Vs The Fiefdoms

The fiefdoms eased past the Isengard raiders in the first round, were defeated heavily by the Rohirrim and brought down to earth in the second round. The Haradrim meanwhile, got some revenge over the Easterlings in the first round. But in the next round the Captain of Rivendell showed his prowess, bringing down the serpent lord and claiming the victory. Further both sides are previous winners so this could prove who between them is Top Dog...

The Serpent Horde Vs The Fiefdoms (Take and Hold)
Either force must claim the well by having more models within 3'''/8cm when the battle ends.

Most of Suladan's bodyguard arrive in good order and turn to see a
surprised Duinhur whose warriors are scattered and
only 5 have turned up initially.
Three more of his men hasten to the field, while Suladan and his
last bodyguard arrive. The Gondorians move quickly
to stall what Haradrim they can.
Duinhur then charges two serpent guard preparing to jump over the
wall, while the other swan knights and clansmen
make their way to the well.
Although Duinhur clips the hamstrings of the serpent guards,
Suladan carves up a knight and gallops to the well.
On either side of the barricades the forces fight each other, as another
clansman finally makes his way to the sounds of battle.
Suladan slings and pivots atop his steed cutting down two clansmen.
Meanwhile Duinhur takes down another of the serpent guard.
Suladan senses the battle will turn against him so must remove the
pesky knights guarding the well, but one charges him and grabs his reins.
Duinhur parries aside the Haradrim's attacks and stabs the nearest
guard with a swagger.
Although Suladan kills the rein-grabbing-knight, his side have
been broken, and the well nowhere near taken...
The Gondorians have more models within 3''/8cm, so claim the victory!

The Fiefdoms = 10 + 5 (breaking Haradrim) + 3 (models within 3''/10cm) = 18
The Serpent Horde = 4

Hero Kills
Suladan = 4 (4)
Duinhur = 4 (4)

Again the serpent lord was contained, this time from losing priority consistently and the single model tribute sent to him each turn to prevent him from slicing through too many Gondorians. And so Duinhur could slowly whittle away at his bodyguard and breaking the Haradrim.

With this victory the Fiefdoms claim third place. Up next is the final between Rivendell and Théoden's Host in Domination.

Until then


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