Sunday, 8 May 2016

Face-off 2016 1st round Théoden's host Vs Moria

The Rohirrim will go into the this with very little confidence, as last time around they destroyed the Haradrim, but Erkenbrand couldn't get enough kills. But, this time Erkenbrand is only facing pesky low defense goblins. Further that the Goblin captain should be worried as the fight, defense and courage values of the Rohirrim are as good, if not better than his...

Théoden's host Vs Moria (Contest of Champions)
Erkenbrand and the goblin captain are the champions for either force.

The sides get closer together.
The Rohirrim form an ordered line and cast their spears towards
the goblins, who laugh at the feeble attempts.
The goblins engage part of the Rohirrim line, while the rest try to
work out how to throw spears properly. Then Erkenbrand
cuts down the goblin in front of him.
Erkenbrand then orders the charge, and 3 goblins fall down
with spears embedded in them.
Both Erkenbrand and the goblin captain match each other for kills,
however the goblins manage to surround
and cut down two royal guards.
The goblins then hasten into the melee.
And the captain slices through two under-prepared Rohan warriors,
elsewhere Erkenbrand gets yet another kill as another
Rohan warrior is brought down.
The Rohirrim are broken, yet Erkenbrand calls his men to stand their
ground and then charge, spears are flung leaving
another two goblins yelping in pain.
Erkenbrand blows the Horn of Helm Hammerhand, and squishes
two more goblins to break the goblin forces.
Erkenbrand and the goblin shaman call stands fasts, but Erkenbrand
gets the better of the captain driving his sword through his helmet!
More fighting and another goblin succumbs to the Rohirrim spears.
Two goblins can no longer take the pressure and bail out,
still the shaman slices the knees of a Rohan
warrior in a hopeful response.
And again the Shaman sneakily stabs an unsuspecting royal guard.
But soon he yields and Erkenbrand holds the field!
And thanks to many kills from Erkenbrand, it gives the Rohirrim the victory!

Théoden's Host = 10 + 5(breaking goblins) + 3(killing captain) + 6(Erkenbrand kills) = 24
Erebor = 4 + 5(breaking Rohirrim) + 3(Goblin captain kills) = 12

So the Rohirrim have achieved their first victory in the face-offs, and it was partly down to Erkenbrand killing, using might, and his horn effectively if not liberally. Conversely the goblins failed to use their numbers well and so the Rohirrim could use their throwing spears, superior courage, defense and fight values to 'out-kill' them.

However this battle was to find out which champion could kill more, and given the high profile values of Erkenbrand against the warrior values of the goblins, it was always going to be this way.

Hero Kills
Erkenbrand = 6 (8)
Goblin Captain = 3 (3)
Goblin Shaman = 2 (2)

This sets the Rohirrim up to fight the Fiefdoms in the semis. But next is the battle between Rivendell and the Serpent horde in To Kill a King.

Until then


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