Saturday, 30 May 2015

Dwarves - Goblin Campaign Turn 8 beginning

The goblins have cornered the Dwarves at their garrison, all that remains is to order the assault.

Despite losing the weapons stash, the dwarven forces have been well organised as such they manage to maintain their equipment effectively.

The goblins have re-secured their Garrison, so Greszif departs to reinforce the fort, as the Dwarves could easily plan an attack. Blayser is ordered to remain at the weapons hill.

But Gimli has other ideas, thinking that the locals will not accept their leadership if these skirmishes continue, so travels with Hatain to re-take the weapons hill. Leaving the capable Orin to defend the Garrison.

Greszif looked furiously at the darkening sky above the goblin garrison things had turned on their head. Several of the goblins he had sent out, had chased down and even killed the rebels responsible for seizing the garrison. They had gone even further by sending rumours about that a small group of dwarves had done it. Everything had to seemed to be in good order, that was at least until a messenger came in. News of the Blayser taking the Northern weapons stash was good too, but this left a huge problem for Durburz, one he wouldn't admit. The entire Dwarf army could attack either the fort or the weapons hill, and he could do little about it, even with ample defenders.
So Greszif was ordered back to the fort to support the goblin king, yet his warriors would not see the importance of this, as they carved up a rebel corpse. Meanwhile Gimli would laugh at them, as their Garrison was left unattended again, simply to contain them.
But still it could be worse, he could be posted on the weapons hill with Blayser...

Until then


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