Thursday, 14 May 2015

Dwarves - Goblin Campaign Turn 5 end and Turn 6

The goblins easily push the dwarf company from the fort, taking minimal losses themselves,  the dwarves take flight back to their garrison.

The company of rebels remain at the other weapons stash, keen on making a point between these two armies.

The goblins still haven't managed to find a way to keep their weapons and armour, such that they have become more rusted and pitted. They suffer a -1 penalty on their fight value and a -1 on the to wound roll. Not cumulative with any previous penalties.

Turn 6

Orin returns to the garrison, and Gimli takes up position at the weapon stash.

Durburz calls up Blayser from the fort, and they both attack the weapons stash.

Gimli stood atop of the pyre gazing across the lands East. The fort stood at the centre of his gaze, a small stone block among the shrubbery and woods. He had more worried each day since the goblins took over the fort, they could strike here or the garrison to give them the thing they wanted, control over the weapons hill. As the other was too hard to get and could put them in poor stead when trying to ally with the local rebels. This left him defending this stash as both other dwarf companies were required to keep their garrison secure. But of course this left the weapons stash ill defended, even if by him and his guard...

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