Friday, 22 May 2015

Second battle for the weapons hill

Durburz was running late. Of course he would say that Blayser had arrived to early instead. The two had had a meeting earlier that day indicating that an evening attack would force the Dwarves to retreat, or they would have to fight the goblins in the dark, not in their favour.
But Durburz had been happily relaxing at the fort expecting armouring up and marching there to be relatively easy. The rust on their weapons had left most of his guard dumb-founded, Blayser had prepared for this though, so they took twice as long. Not only that but Blayser left assured that he could take the hill by himself...

Second Battle for the weapons stash (Take the high ground)

The goblins edge closed to the hill.

They divide into two groups prepared to take each flank.

So Gimli divides up his guard to guard either flank.
And then Durburz arrives...
His forces make their way to the hill slowly.
as one of the foolish goblins is struck down from it's side.
Gimli and co. are attacked on the southern edge.
One flanking goblin is cut down on the Northern side.
Gimli takes a risk, rushing against the troll, and in a quick flurry of
his axe leaves the troll whimpering on the ground, bloodied.
Blayser's goblins try more flanking to expose the other flank of the hill.
Gimli casts a small axe deep into a nearby goblin's skull
Blayser jumps atop the hill stabbing the guard above multiple times.
This allows more goblins to jump onto the hill, furthering the Dwarves
problem, Gimli tries to shore up his side downing another goblin.
He then cleaves his axe through two more.
His guard kick, punch and batter the goblin captain unconscious.
Which leaves his side very depleted...
Two of Blayser's goblins take to the wind, as Durburz' forces reach the
hill, to find the Dwarf defence reforming.
Again a goblin succumbs to the Dwarf axes.
Another goblin also flees, as Durburz orders a quick attack on the
hastily formed defenders.

Durburz raises his blade and cuts through the nearest guard,
Gimli equals this by punching a prowler, One more fall on
either side fall as the sky darkens...
As the goblins hold more warriors on the hill, so Gimli must concede this day despite this dwarven nature.

Gimli lost 3 Khazad guard: Two recover and one will miss the next turn. Gimli recovers 2 might. Gimli (2)(2/2/2)
Blayser's company lost 7 goblins, the troll and Blayser: Three goblins recover, three will miss the next turn and two were killed, the troll recovers two wounds, Blayser recovers two wounds and 1 might. Blayser (2)(2/1/0) Troll (2).
Durburz lost 2 prowlers: Both recover and Durburz regains 1 wound. Durburz (2).
Gimli's Guard came to a rest over two bow-shots away from the weapons hill, the goblins were more decisive than they had previously thought.
"Let's take a breather!" Gimli stated exasperated. His guard knew he wouldn't give them too long. "Nanorin!" He called to his lead guard, who promptly staggered forward.
"My lord?" He asked.
"What did you make of the goblin attack?"
"Blayser clearly wanted to take the rear of the hill, maybe the troll was used to pin you in one place while they overwhelmed the other edges of the hill. Their King looked exhausted from the march, so he was probably later than he planned." He paused for a moment. "Otherwise we might be less fortunate." And the dwarf was right.
"Then we must return to the garrison and hope the goblin king makes a mistake. March on Dwarves!" And the group hobbled on North to their garrison.

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