Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Dwarves - Goblin Campaign Turn 6 end and Turn 7

And so, most of the Goblin army swept away the single company of dwarves stationed at the weapons will, both sides cursing each other as they ran back north to their garrison.

But the local rebels are not happy with this goblin victory or simply the presence of any army encroachment. So a handful of them encamp themselves inside the goblin garrison. More like-minded individuals from the local settlement join on this movement, but form defensive blockades at the nearby weapons stash and food stocks.

Turn 7

Gimli decides that attacking the fort is too risky, and could destroy most of his army, so all the dwarves remain at the garrison, and they recover all the remaining injured dwarves.

The Goblin king sees the threat that the rebels pose to their success in their campaign so sends Greszif to deal with these locals.
Durburz returns to the fort so that their defences remain without holes.

The rebels clearly were not ready to actually fight the goblins. Because as the Goblin captain arrives at the garrison, his scours report a small company retreating Eastwards.

The other rebels in the area see this as a sign of an impending goblin victory so join their comrades and depart for their homes. Only small companies of men remain at the objectives.

Gimli awaited the arrival of his last scout; the others had reported not much of the goblin movements except about the more rebels leaving the area in light of the latest goblin victory. At this point a dwarf patrol approaches the gate, and with them the last scout. Gimli then makes his way to his tent. Soon enough the scout also enters.
"My lord, promising news!" He says and places a scroll on the table. Gimli picks it up and reads it before returning it to the table.
"Is this true?" He asks.
"I had to befriend some of the Southern rebels;who don't think that highly of you by the way. But they spoke clearly of an impending goblin victory so were thinking of leaving too." The scout responded.
"Then it is clear to me what we should do. Send for Orin and Hatain too." Gimli asked, and the scout left. Gimli called for his guard to prepare, they were going to decide this campaign for once and for all...

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