Thursday, 11 June 2015

Third battle for the weapons hill

The sun light was fading across the overcast sky, and beneath it a haunted Blayser stood aimlessly at an approaching cluster of fiery brands approaching the hill. The dwarves had come, in force and it was clear that both sides would take heavy losses if this battle was drawn out too long. He wished that he could escape this fight, but the goblin king had ordered that he remain here.
Despite the sky darkening quickly the dwarves clearly did not mind fighting, even if the goblins had eyes that could pierce the dark when theirs could not.
"This battle is lost Blayser! We must fall back to the fort!" One of his supported urged him.
"The goblin king has ordered u to remain here, if any of you maggots think about taking flight, I will kill you myself!" He bellowed down at the goblins, so no murmurs of dissension were among his minions.
But Blayser now saw an opportunity, maybe this attack could give the goblins a big advantage after all...

Third battle for the weapons stash (Take the high ground)

Arrows fly over the barricade, clanking off the dwarven armour.
More arrows fly, to little effect.
The sky becomes completely black, and glimmers of mail come from
the edge of field. Hatain had arrived.
Hatain wastes no time in ordering his warriors about.
Gimli reaches the hill, but the goblins prepare to receive the dwarf lord.
But still the dwarf lord and his company assail the barricade.
Gimli vaults the barricade and swings his axe in deep arcs cutting
through three of the goblins, while his guard throw one of the goblins
from atop the hill, it remains on the ground.
Hatains troops gain sight of the hill.
Gimli continues his rampage slicing down another goblin and even
piercing the thick hide of the troll. With this the goblins are sent into a
panic, but Blayser calls a stand fast among them.
A gust of winds sweeps the hillside, knocking the warriors a top to the
floor. Blayser though anticipates this and calls his minions to attack the
stunted dwarves catch on the ground.

But the stubborn dwarves survive the poor attacks of the goblins, two
more succumb to the dwarf axes. At which point
Blayser has had enough...
Then Blayser calls the remaining goblin forces off and they flee from the hill in dismay with their wounded.

Gimli lost none of his company. Gimli (2)(2/2/2), Hatain (2)(2/1/1).

Blayser lost 7 goblins: Two recover immediately, four will next turn and one was killed. The troll regains one of the lost wounds. Blayser (2)(1/1/1).

Blayser had seen Hatain's company approaching the hill too before he called the retreat, he wished that Gimli hadn't had such an affect on his warriors, he seemed to cut straight through them ruthlessly. He now hears the Dwarf shouting "Baruk Khazâd! Khazâd ai-mênu!" across the field as they scampered between bushes and the shrubbery.

Although they had many wounded, only one of them they had had to leave behind, he was too wounded and the dwarves would have had him anyway. Still this did not brig the conclusion Blayser wanted, an opportunity to kill either of the company leaders, which would be more fruitful in the war than killing even a large section of any company.
Blayser looked upon the walls of the fort in the distance, Durburz hopefully would be lenient...

Until then


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