Saturday, 3 January 2015

Face-off 2014 1st round Cirth Ungol Vs The Easterlings

The orcs have the advantage of a banner bearer to try and win more fight, which should be useful if there is a concentration of fighting, Shagrat is superior to the Easterling captain and the orcs have more spears allowing more warriors to be involved in the melee.
The Easterlings have a wounding advantage, needing only 5's compared to the orcs 6's.

Cirth Ungol Vs The Easterlings (Domination)
Both forces approach the well, leaving some of their forces
to gather at objectives
Shagrat holds an defensive block by the well, as one cohort
of Easterlings flanks their position
The Easterling captain easily dispatches his opponent in the first melee
Then the sides join in a foray
The flankers outnumber the orcs, but none of them appear afraid
Both captains kill their respective opponents, hoping to raise moral
The brave orcs are easily beaten back with two being cut down
While all's square on one side, the Easterlings are
 gaining a huge advantage on the other

Shagrat smashes his sword through two Easterlings caught off guard,
The banner bearer loses his arm, but the orc behind catches the banner
as it falls and another orc is brought down at the well
The orcs become frightful of the shiny men, but Shagrat orders them to
hold their ground, the battle could still be won

The captain takes the opportunity to slice through two orc still trying to
muster themselves, leaving the well in the hands of the Easterlings

Both leaders now know who has the upper hand as too few orcs remain
The Easterlings claimed three to the Orcs single objective, meaning they are victorious!

The orcs knew that simply trying to retain both other objectives would mean the attack on the well, would favour the Easterlings and committed warriors into the well, which wasn't winnable.
Shagrat was by far the most effective, as the other orcs couldn't go toe-to-toe with heavy armour, so could used to beat their captain in two or three rounds of combat, leaving them vulnerable from priority, allowing the orcs to choose more winnable fights etc.

Easterlings = 18 
Cirth Ungol = 5

Easterling captain = 3 (3)
Shagrat = 3 (3)

The Easterlings achieve revenge over the orcs and will face either The Serpent Horde or Théoden's host in the next round, The battle between those two is next in a contest of champions.
Until then


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