Monday, 12 January 2015

Face-off 2014 semi-finals Isengard Raiders Vs Tower of Ecthelion

At a glance, this is essentially a siege. The knights must simply breach the uruk line and break them in a couple of turns, or they will be ground down by the defence bonuses and lack of numbers, but they have wounding advantages if they charge. The uruks have shields and a higher fight value, but the Knights have better courage and move rate (may be an advantage?).
However it's a 50/50 between Lurtz and the captain as either could reduce the other in a turn, through either a better fight value or ease of wounding.

Isengard Raiders Vs Tower of Ecthelion (Storm The Camp)

The knights file out in two groups.
Arrows fly across the field and thunk into a horse,
leaving a surprised knight in the gravel.
The captain orders the charge
while the archers take up shooting positions
Lurtz pushes through the first knight, who is killed by an uruk,
punching into the next nearest enemies, leaving them
both screaming on the floor.
The Knights move in swiftly hoping to take advantage,
Lurtz raises an eyebrow in reverence

This expression coats his face as a lance tears through his body. The
Captain bolts past the uruk shields, stabbing and cutting three uruk-hai.

The knights are not given any room to breath,
as the angry uruks attack in a vengeance.
One knight lunges over the uruk shield spearing it in the face.
While the captain is cornered and brought down unable
to fend off the weird shaped swords.
The uruks couldn't stand the wrath of the knights and flee
 and only one man remains
Giving the Gondorians the victory!

That was all to tight for the Gondorians. It all boiled down to good fight rolls and a series of unlucky courage rolls for the Uruk-hai. Still the charge was stopped, but the damage left them too close to breaking, with one good roll pushing them over and their courage weakness exposed.

Tower of Ecthelion = 18
Isengard Raiders = 12

Gondor Captain = 5 (5)
Lurtz = 4 (6)

Lurtz performed well, until neglecting to use a heroic move which could have prevented the Gondorians main charge and thus the loss...

The Knights move to the Final! Where the face either winner between The Serpent Horde or The Easterlings and the Isengard raiders face the loser in the third place battle.

Until then


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