Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Face-off 2014 1st round Theoden's host Vs The Serpent horde

Having been defeated by the Haradrim already, Erkenbrand's forces have the advantage this time around numerically and defensively. Erkenbrand can also use his horn which could change the tide of the entire battle. All of the Rohirrim have throwing spears which are very useful against the defence 4 and 5 of the Serpent Horde. Whose main advantage is Suladan, having three attacks four when charging, shall be the deciding factor in who is victorious here.

Théoden's host Vs The Serpent horde (Contest of Champions)

Erkenbrand orders his men in a defensive wall to receive
Suladan and co.

The serpent guard remain a spears throw away despite much
taunting from the horse-lords

Suladan spurs his horse on preparing to charge.

And quickly swoops in, engaging two unawares, a third joins to help

The attack is joined over here seemingly one sided,
 yet Erkenbrand takes a large blast to his horn

Suladan's guard freeze in dread of the golden haired captain
But the Serpent lord slices through his opponents

He hastens to the Rohirrim captain, hoping to end the battle quickly.
But his mount is sliced apart, throwing him to the ground.
Three more Haradrim fall to the Rohirrim.

Suladan is jumped upon by four horse-lords, yet he weaves
his way from them as his companions survive too

After regaining his footing Suladan orders his remaining men to attack

Erkenbrand, seeing his chance pushes a guard away and rushes at
the Serpent lord cutting through decent chunks of his armour.
Another serpent guard is speared into the ground.

Suladan seems the dominant figure in the centre  despite his force
being on the back foot, the guards retreat to the outside of the field.

The guards are caught and trapped by the Rohirrim and Suladan is
surrounded by green cloaks again and is eventually brought down by
one of the guards, much to the displeasure of Erkenbrand.

The Rohirrim close down the remaining two guards trying to run from
the field, as Erkenbrand hurries over

The serpent guard regardless of enemies strikes the Royal bodyguard
through the chest

Erkenbrand strides over his dead bodyguard and cuts
the enemy's head from shoulders

But the last Haradrim sees the defeat and takes to wind...
Meaning the Suladan killed more than Erkenbrand, so The Serpent horde have the victory!

Suladan = 3 (3)
Erkenbrand = 2 (2)

The Serpent Horde = 13
Théoden's Host = 13

Suladan was the deciding factor, killing three early on in the battle meant he had to be occupied by Erkenbrand and company to prevent him killing more, then Erkenbrand simply had to chase up guards which could easily flee, not ideal. Suladan did just enough, fortunately the scenario was in his favour.

Despite all the killing and controlling the Rohirrim did, they couldn't get the victory. The Haradrim advance while being level on battle points, they face the Easterlings in the next round.

But first the Isengard raiders fight the Tower of Ecthelion in Storm the camp...

Until then


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