Monday, 19 January 2015

Face-off 2014 3rd place The Serpent Horde Vs Isengard Raiders

So, the battle for pride.
The Isengard raiders have the numerical and ranged advantages. Having four more warriors, and the warrior quality means they can wound on 4's not 5's like the serpent guard. However Lurtz is no equal to Suladan, although needing 4's to wound has 1 less attack and no mount, furthermore two less will and three less courage, which could be decisive as the sides will be battling until 25% strength.

If the uruk archers get early kills, then the melee will be easier to deal with, splitting up means the Suladan can overwhelm and conquer, but could bring him down early which pretty much ensures an Isengard victory. The Haradrim need to break the uruk-hai so their courage advantage can turn into a numerical advantage.

The Serpent Horde Vs Isengard Raiders (Meeting Engagement)

Lurtz orders the uruk-hai divide up, cocks his bow sending an arrow
towards Suladan, but it clinks off his armour.

Both divisions prepare to receive Suladan.
He leads a couple away from the hazardous arrows
as the others vault the wall.
One of the guards doesn't run fast enough
and is caught by one of the arrows.
Lurtz and co. smash into the three stray serpent guard.
But the main melee is over here.
The amount of enemies doesn't concern Suladan as he cuts through four
of them, Lurtz smash through a guard and one more fall on either side.
Suladan rides into the trapped warriors.
The uruks here attack and surround.
Lurtz is stabbed in the side bringing a wince out of him, Suladan cuts
through one, while the other rolls away, his guard kills another uruk.
Lurtz senses the tension amongst his remaining warriors
but cannot rally them as they are pounced upon.
Both leaders finish off their opponents, as one
more of their own are killed elsewhere.
Reducing the uruk-hai below 25% and giving the victory to the Haradrim!

Serpent Horde = 15
Isengard Raiders = 9

Suladan = 14 (14)
Lurtz = 6 (8)

Quite a close encounter considering the forces, Suladan was the deciding factor, his early four kills destroyed the chances of him being brought down at all and being split up meant that he controlled the fights in the main part of the battle. This followed from a poor move at the beginning, to engage the straggling serpent guard, gave Suladan the opportunity he needed.

So next up is the final where the Gondorians face the Easterlings in Ill met by moonlight to decide who wins the face-off.

Until then


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