Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Face-off 2014 semi-finals The Easterlings Vs The Serpent Horde

The Easterlings have the numerical advantage and are harder to wound, whereas the serpent guard have a better fight value and a special rule although it may not count for much as they can be easily surrounded.
They do have Suladan though, with a high move rate, three attacks, high courage with three will also, and three might. If left unattended he could destroy any chances of an Easterling victory.

The Easterlings Vs The Serpent Horde (Ill met by moonlight)

The Easterlings are in three groups, Suladan stays right of his guard.
He then ruches around the wall, two Easterling groups
prepare to receive him.
But he darts back to the centre where the sides clash,
leaving the Easterlings defending an un-attacked wall.
Then he flies into the cluster of Easterlings, as his guard pin the others.
Suladan cuts through three of the Easterlings, while two
of his guard succumb to enemy blades.
He then slams into another two, as the serpent guard are pounced upon.
Despite trotting over the melee he only fells one, while the
captain also stabs a guard as another as well is cut down.

The captain seeing the frustration behind the enemy facemask,
orders his soldiers into formation to eliminate the serpent lord.

Yet he swings his blade around, parrying all the strikes and slashes
another Easterling. Another of his guard is brought down,
further increasing the margin for victory.
Suladan charges again, and the remaining guard is ensnared by gold.
The golden shields are to much for the serpent guard as he
finally yields to the Easterlings, Suladan only
manages to wound the enemy captain.
Suladan is left alone against too many Easterlings,
as sword and spear are thrust in all directions.
He is surrounded, the captain takes a mighty swing cleaving his body into
Giving the Easterlings the victory!
The Serpent lord clearly made all the difference, making up 5 of their 5 kills. Without a decent backup they were unable to hold off the Easterlings, who were very organised in containing the serpent lord and getting rid of his support meaning he could be surrounded and cut down.
Easterlings = 15
Serpent Horde = 4
Suladan = 8 (8)
Easterling Captain = 5 (9)
This performance projects the Easterlings into the Final where they will battle the Tower of Ecthelion for the Tournament. The Serpent Horde will sadly have to squabble with the Isengard raiders for third.

Until then


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