Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Face-off 2014 1st round Tower of Ecthelion Vs Rivendell

The men have a move rate advantage, a wounding advantage needing 4's and 5's, if they have charged, while the elves need 6's to kill but 5's to de-horse, which could be an better option. But the elves have higher fight and courage values so will be tough to break down into single fights, where the knights would excel.

Tower of Ecthelion Vs Rivendell (Contest of Champions) 

A fell light falls upon the field, allowing the knights to
run circles around the rocks and shrubbery
One such knight gets over excited and is thrown off his steed from a 
mistimed jump. The elf captain orders his warriors in a defensive position.
The Knights charge regardless, smashing into the elven phalanx
Leaving one knight and elf spliced in two, while the captain attacks hither
and thither unable to push the mighty elven shields aside.
So he urges his men into them again
The elven captain laughs in the faces of them while stabbing the
nearest rider in the chest. A knight also manages to kill one of
the more resistant elves.
The elves take advantage of the clearly inept men, springing on them
unaware, but to little effect.
The men of Gondor retain their composure and attack all of the elves

And the knight captain cuts down one elf, as his warriors 
bring down two more. The elf captain seeing only half his warriors
left, slices through a man.

The Knights are ordered to halt the advances of the elf captain,
as their captain cleans up the other elves
But they can only oppress one of the elves from their courage
"Stand fast" calls the elven captain, although it is probably not needed,
then they are swiftly surrounded by knights

Which is the last order from the captain as three lances puncture his flesh.

The knight captain must kill this elf or his men will ask questions
about his leadership, having only killed one elf so far
But no questions shall be asked yet as his sword splits the elf in two
And with that last kill, the Gondorian captain draws level with the Elf. Making it a draw between forces:

Tower of Ecthelion = 15
Rivendell = 7

Gondor captain = 2 (2)
Elven Captain = 2 (2)

The Elves were smart to defend the back of the field, otherwise the knights would have trapped and killed them easily with their lances.
However the knights couldn't perform well as the higher fight value and shielding from the elves prevented them winning fights and using lances at all therefore halting a destructive charge.
But this only worked for so long, as the back wall trapped the elves and could be more easily cut down.

So the knights will face the Isengard raiders next but before that, revenge battles:
The Easterlings against Cirth Ungol in Domination
and Théoden's host against the serpent horde in a contest of champions.

Until then


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