Tuesday, 1 April 2014

My Easter Jaunt

I'm back again, this time with plenty to do...

Coursework and revision will take a minor role over my personal life, but it shan't stop anything in this case.

In the following few weeks I (hopefully) shall cover:
  • Spraying more of the boards
  • A troll painting session
  • Some undercoating and repainting, to a minor extent
  • A handful of Fellowship Of The Ring battles, either from the mines of Moria booklet or fellowship book
  • And if there is enough time, some Fellowship Of The Ring heroes repainting...
So a clear Fellowship Of The Ring theme going on
Probably since over the break I bought:

Costed much less than for GW, only £19 for both. The first one does require some glueing, and the other a wash/undercoat, despite the fact that the paint-job is pretty decent. And also these:

54 is next :)

Although they are on my list to collect the entire set, the completion time should be after the next year or so...

Until then


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