Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Making amends

Recently when I took a break while waiting for the battery in my camera to recharge, upon looking through the GW website, I noticed quite a few of the blister packs had been discontinued.
Thus an hour followed of me hurriedly scrolling through eBay desperate to find a few items that I might have put off buying before...
So with much deliberation and signing in to Paypal and GW. I managed to purchase a few Items as shown below:

Some assembly is required...
The axemen of Lossarnach complete my fiefdoms army, Elrohir goes towards my 750pt competitive army, the bases are for my spare legionary soldiers (I will complete them!) and the royal guard completes my collection of a basic bodyguard for a Rohan hero.

Also I had to, with much reluctance, buy new GW paints... Although citadel paints are water based/acrylic (as I have been told) and spent a session desperately trying to mix water with my aged paints, to revive them. The results yielded a fairly sad conclusion...
It was time for some new ones, which meant either high prices of eBay or the shame of GW paints:

So hopefully I can finish some of the unpainted models in my collection :) .

Until then


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