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Battle in Balin's tomb

Previously in the Mines of Moria booklet:

Legolas gets struck down by goblin arrows 
Aragorn succumbs to Goblin numbers
Merry secures a trapdoor while the others hold the goblins
Legolas closing the final trapdoor
The score is 2-1 in favour of the goblins going into Balin's Tomb the final scenario in the mines of Moria booklet.
Strangely they didn't include any about the bridge of Khazad-dum or the flight over the stairs.

Scenario 4: Battle in Balin's tomb

The Fellowship find a stone chamber where Gimli's cousin Balin was laid to rest after meeting his tragic fate. Their grief is interrupted by the booming of drums and the the arrival of yet more goblins, this time "They have a cave troll".

Objectives: Good must kill the cave troll. Evil must kill four members of the Fellowship before the cave troll is killed.

Special rules:

Trapdoor - At the end phase roll a D6, on a 4,5 or 6 a goblin with either spear, bow or shield may be placed in contact with the trapdoor.
Cave troll - At the end of a turn where both sides have drawn the priority roll-off the cave troll may be placed in base contact with the doorway. If models are blocking the trolls entry then they must be moved out of the way, unless they are newly arriving models, then the troll arrives in the next turn.
The doorway - At the end phase roll a D6, the result is the number of goblins with either spear, bow or shield may be placed in contact with the doorway, if there is not room to place newly arriving models then the models blocking their entry may be moved aside. Unlike trapdoors the doorway may not be sealed.

Goblin forces: 24 goblins (8x spears, 8x shields, 8x bows) , Cave troll

Playing board: 56cm x 42cm

Aragorn and Boromir attack the goblins at the doorway
 Legolas and Gimli move to a trapdoor
Gandalf and the hobbits move to the other
while Sam helps Aragorn and Boromir
Three fall under the men's blades
Legolas taking a goblin arrow
Both attack quick before more goblins come through the trapdoor
Sam provides light assistance, where the men take up the bulk
One Goblin arrives, Gandalf and co. attack again
Both get kills here, and close the trapdoor
Frodo and Merry kill here, nearing the closure of the trapdoor
The men only manage two kills
Legolas and Gimli move to help the men at the doorway, the troll bursts
through trapping Aragorn, three goblins are wait outside the door
Pippin rushes towards Sam, as Gandalf and co.
surround the final goblin here
Sam smashes a goblin with his pan, Boromir carves the only goblin
brave enough to face him. Aragorn narrowly avoids the attacks of the
troll and goblins managing to put deep cuts into the troll
The goblin here falls to Gandalf
Legolas is held up, as half a dozen more goblins emerge from the door
Gimli bravely charges the troll
Another goblin clambers from the trapdoor
Pippin is stabbed in the stomach, while Boromir slays two more
More attacks again
As another goblin joins the fray Sam faces twice his number
Legolas trapped against thrice his and Gimli faces-off the troll again
Sam succumbs, Boromir stabs and Gimli cleaves the troll
Giving the Fellowship their second victory and the overall score to 2-2.

The Fellowship managed to close a trapdoor, reduce the effectiveness of the second and kill the troll. Things got sticky as the troll entered on the third turn, and after Sam and Pippin fell being used to reduce the number of enemies facing Boromir and Aragorn. However when Legolas and Gimli came to help the hobbits use had been fulfilled. 

The Performance of the battle award has to got to Boromir, as he won all of his combats and killed 6 of the 10 goblins coming through the doorway. Aragorn did well to kill three and get two wounds on the troll but lost a couple of combats meaning he allowed more goblins to be in the tomb.

Flop of the battle goes to the troll, that couldn't inflict wounds on Aragorn despite being surrounded, and Gimli in a face-off.

The Fellowship easily handled the goblins at the trapdoors, since I used the movement as depicted in the booklet. 

Aragorn and Boromir move to the door, Gandalf and the hobbits to one trapdoor, Legolas and Gimli to the other.

Gandalf's sub-force outnumbers the goblins initially meaning they had to get quick kills while the number ratio was in their favour and they are unlikely to have strikes against them, easier when they were in attacking range from the first turn.

Gimli and Legolas have to charge full speed towards the second trapdoor, no shooting from Legolas, before one or two goblins come through the trapdoor when they get there, so less turns are spent killing them when even more goblins can come through.

Lastly Aragorn and Boromir are best suited to defending the doorway, as they have the most combined attacks and wounds and need to kill three or four goblins per turn, so they won't get surrounded. Also as they are better candidates for killing the troll when it arrives.

Generally once the trapdoors are sealed Gimli, Legolas, Boromir and Aragorn can easily stem the tide of goblins coming through the door and kill the troll.

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