Monday, 14 April 2014

The Fellowship begins...

But before any battles are started, I wanted to re-do so of the paintwork done five-ish years ago when I go the Breaking of the fellowship set:

Instead of conforming to the film's colours of the characters. They shall take up some of their regional colours from my models. So Boromir will have more red, Gimli blue, Aragorn green. The hobbits some purple and light blue, Legolas purple but Gandalf shall take his own colours. All will have a grey cloak like normal.

Merry - The yellow waistcoat should be less muddy
and have more layers
Gimli - The purple hem and blues need a bit of touching up
Missing throwing axe end
Legolas - His hair is terrible, but I am proud of the tunic
and under-tunic
And this view, missing the end of blade
Sam - I chose a light blue for his jacket,
hopefully to be dissimilar from Pippin's

Aragorn - His under-tunic is green-ish,
but still needs a bit of highlighting

Boromir - His sword needs work

Frodo - I wanted to use purple on one of the hobbits,
he seemed more likely to wear one

Pippin - He has a black shirt, although barely visible or paint-able

All the colours are relatively simple. Here is a basic outline, as the number of colour mixes varies from colour to colour and model to model.

Red: (Blood red, Scab red)(1:0 - 2:1 - 1:1 - 1:2 - 0:1)

Green: Earthy green (Dark angels green, Catachan green)(1:0 - 2:1 - 1:2 - 0:1)
             Merry green (Dark angels green, Snot green)(1:0 - 2:1 - 1:2 - 0:1)

Blues: Light (Ultramarines blue, Ice blue)(1:0 - 2:1 - 1:1 - 1:2 - 0:1) 
            Dark (Regal blue, Ultramarines blue)(1:0 - 2:1 - 1:1 - 1:2 - 0:1)

Browns: Dark(Scorched brown, Bestial brown)(1:0 - 2:1 - 1:1 - 1:2 - 0:1)
               Light(Bestial brown, Graveyard earth)(1:0 - 2:1 - 1:1 - 1:2 - 0:1)

Greys: Elven cloaks (Chaos Black, Codex grey)(1:0 - 2:1 - 1:1 - 1:2 - 0:1)
            Gandalf beard(Chaos Black, Codex grey, Skull white)(1:0:0 - 2:1:0 - 1:1:0 - 1:2:0 - 0:2:1 - 0:1:1 - 0:1:2 - 0:0:1)

Metals: Boltgun metal - Black wash - Mithril silver drybrush

Golds: Boltgun metal - Black wash - Shining Gold

Purple: (Liche purple, Skull white)(1:0 - 2:1 - 1:1)

While that was happening I took some time to base a few heroes with sand and flock.


The evil models have black rims and the good models have brown ones. Durburz, the shaman and the dwarf captain are usually in the mines or rocky terrain so no flock for them.

Also It is with much regret that I can say I like the new paints, although you have to break the seal which is slightly annoying and mentally calming at the same time. The actual opening system makes opening awkward, but it is still better then the precursor, because there isn't a problem with paint drying on the inside of the lid as with the first pots.
The most annoying thing though is, that the names are getting too easy to remember. My hatred of them and in trying remember them for that, means I have remembered them.......Curses

So I think I've done a lot here, still, this means nicer looking models for battles, of which I'll be doing the four scenario's from the Mines of Moria booklet, which has gone out of production sadly. And there may be time for another one off battle...

Until then


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